Ann Gunvalsen Saks
I’ve lived in Seal Beach for five years now, and I love it. More than anything, I love the people.  I have made some great friends here, and I think it’s an awesome place to raise kids because it is the “village.” I have seen the community come together to mourn a mom struck down on a bike by drunk driver or to make food for a family with a very sick child.
 But it’s the little things.... like pulling over and telling the 13 year-old neighbor kid to wear her helmet while she’s riding her bike, the next door neighbor who comes to cheer the kids on in their soccer game or the friends you parcel your children out to when you need a break.  It’s the little things that make the “village” of Los Al and Seal Beach special.   I’ve taken on this new venture of writing for Patch because I need “the village’s” help in raising my 8 year-old boy and 6 year-old girl.   I am not an expert in parenting.  I often say, “I’m just a mom. I never claimed to be a good one!” For all I know, I am the village idiot. So chime in... Tell me what you think.  I am a stay at home mom, married to a caring, work-a-holic husband.   BK (Before Kids), I worked for the Los Angeles Times and The Press-Enterprise in marketing.  I love news and often wondered what shape local news would take in the Internet world. I think Patch.com is on the right track, and I‘m interested in helping the site’s development.  
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