Paranormal Expert to Expose Los Alamitos Ghosts

A team of ghostbusters will share their Los Alamitos hauntings with visitors Sunday at the Los Alamitos Museum.

Special to LosAlamitos.Patch.com from Anita Schommer, local history buff and Los Alamitos Museum curator.

A Paranormal Investigative Technology team, professional ghostbusters led by Dr. William Jimenez, PH.D Doctor of Psychology and a member of the American Counseling Association with over 36 years of paranormal research are coming to Los Alamitos on Sunday.

Bill Jimenez, at the age of 11 years, could see dead people, either walking along the road or walking in a house. Needless to say, Bill has always had great interest in the paranormal.

Today Bill is a reputable retired highway patrol officer who also worked dignitary protection guarding the governor and any head of state visiting California. He will be in town with his friends who are retired California Highway Patrolmen as well as avid ghostbusters. Since the beginning of their paranormal team, they have investigated 100 sites, including the Los Alamitos Base.

Mr. Jeff Hathcock, president of the Theater Guild and Southeast Civic Light Opera, which holds productions at the bases’ Liberty Theater will be joining Dr. Jimenez. Mr. Hathcock will also relate his experiences at the theater. Listen to Mr. Hathcock relate to you ghostly encounters such as the nurse who will shut lights on and off, close and lock doors, and make a racket when rock music is played, only to quiet down when 40s music is substituted.

The Joint Forces Training Base was built in 1942 aiding the war. Liberty Theater was built at that time for the USO shows to be held there. Most of the hauntings occur at the theater, which is next door to a defunct hospital with a morgue in the basement.

This incredible team will be at the Los Alamitos Museum on January 22 from 2 to 4 p.m. to tell about the many and chilling situations in which they found themselves. The Los Alamitos Museum is located 11062 Los Alamitos Boulevard in Los Alamitos. The program is free but a donation would be greatly appreciated.


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