Interview with a Griffin: Varsity Football Player Erik Roudybush

The Los Alamitos High School right guard says he loves the friendships he has with his teammates.

Last week's game was homecoming and the Head Coach's 300th win.

This week?

It's Los Alamitos High School's rivalry game: The Griffins will take on the Edison High School Chargers

If that weren't awesome enough, it's time for another player profile: 

Name: Erik Roudybush

Number: 77

Grade: Senior

Age: 17

Height: 6 foot 3 inches

Weight: 260 pounds

Position: Right guard

Grade: Senior

Favorite thing about football? “My favorite thing about football is just the camaraderie pretty much. Having the best friends on the football team. “

Which game are you looking forward to the most? “Edison.”

What is one of the challenges that you've had to face recently? “My knee injury.”

What’s your dream college? “I don’t really know.  Just don’t know”

Favorite food? “Oh man, that’s hard. I’m a big guy too. (Laughs.) This is hard. This is a tough decision. Probably Italian food. “

Who are you playing for? “My mom. She really wanted me to play football. I really didn’t want to freshman year but she really pushed me.”

And you fell in love with it? “Just fell in love with it. As soon as I started getting to practice I loved it. “

What it’s like landing a really good hit? “A really good pancake? It’s awesome. It’s just an adrenaline rush. You love it.” 

Here's the latest game schedule (All games start at 7 p.m.)

Oct. 12 Friday Edison Vets Stadium Oct. 19 Friday Fountain Valley Westminster High School Oct. 26 Friday Huntington Beach Huntington Beach Nov. 1 Thursday Newport Harbor Vets Stadium

Note to parents:  if you would like us to profile your varsity Los Alamitos High School football player, send an email to cranny777@gmail.com.

We’ll send you a list of questions. You have your player answer ‘em, you send us a pic and, time permitting, we’ll run it. 

Go Griffins!


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