Video of Los Al High Teachers Reading Tweets about Themselves Goes Mega-Viral

YouTube screenshot.
YouTube screenshot.
A video of Los Alamitos High School teachers reading tweets about themselves in a lesson about thinking before one types has gone mega-viral.

A la Jimmy Kimmel and to the strums of "Everybody Hurts" by R.E.M., high school staffers read what the students really feel about them -- everything from literary sighs about how hot they are to snickers about bald spots and nose hairs.

Yep, nose hairs. We said it.

The video has gotten attention from the Washington Post, Time and ABC News -- not to mention the prestigious viralviralvideos.com

As the final shot says, "Be careful what you post online. you never know who might read it" (typo and all). 

In this case, be careful about what videos you upload online; 700,000 of your closest friends might watch it. 


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