Interview with a Griffin: Varsity Football Player James Stea

We profile a Los Alamitos High School athlete who said he loves "being able to be an animal on the football field."

Another battle approaches, and the Los Alamitos High School Griffins are getting ready.

As the varsity team prepares for their game against University High School 7 p.m. Thursday at Veterans Memorial Stadium – please note it’s not the usual Friday time — we continue our series of player profiles.

By the way, parents of varsity football players? If you’d like us profile your player, scroll to the end of this story for information on how to get that ball rolling. 

… Or spiraling, as it were.  

Name: James Stea

Number: 28

Position:  Corner

Height: 5 feet 9 inches

Weight: 160

City: Los Alamitos

Age: 18

How long have you played football? All four years.

What’s your favorite thing about the sport? “Just being able to be an animal on the football field and let all that aggression out … for the most part.”

Do you have a lot of aggression? “Not really, but when you’re out there it just happens, you know?

Favorite type of food:  In and Out Burger

Favorite subject in school:  History

Anyone you’re playing for? “Yeah. All my brothers. I play for them. My parents (and) my grandparents.”

Are there any challenges you’ve faced over the past few years? “I mean I haven’t had that many injuries, but it’s just the little things.  Just staying mentally focused in school and just never getting complacent in football.

How do you stay focused?  “(Your) friends help you. If I started slacking, my friends (would) help get me back on track. You just gotta be aware of it.”

Which game are you looking forward to the most? Edison.

Why? “They always were our biggest opponent. And that’s when all my families, all my cousins, all of them, are coming out (here) for that game.”

Open mike, anything you want to say? “I just thank God for blessing me with this opportunity to play football …”

Anything else? “Be quick but not in a hurry.”

Please note, some of the stats are from http://www.maxpreps.com/high-schools/los-alamitos-griffins-(los-alamitos,ca)/football/roster.htm.

By the way folks, here’s the latest game schedule. (All games begin at 7 p.m.)





Sept. 13


University LA

Vets Stadium

Sept. 20



Vets Stadium

Sept. 28



Vets Stadium

Oct. 4


Marina (Homecoming)

Vets Stadium

Oct. 12



Vets Stadium

Oct. 19


Fountain Valley

Westminster High School

Oct. 26


Huntington Beach

Huntingon Beach

Nov. 1


Newport Harbor

Vets Stadium

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Note to Parents

As you are now doubt aware, there are more than 10 players on a varsity football team.  

Unfortunately, since we only had a limited amount of time, we interviewed only 10 players for this profile thingamajig.  

However, parents, if you would like us to profile your varsity Los Alamitos High School football player, send an email to paige.austin@patch.com.

We’ll send you a list of questions. You have your player answer ‘em, you send us a pic and, time permitting, we’ll run it. 

Good luck, Griffins!


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