Both Ravens, 49ers Due For Super Bowl Losses

The NFL franchises from Baltimore and San Francisco are both likely to lose Sunday.

They're playing for the Lombardi Trophy, but the Ravens and 49ers are both headed toward a loss on Sunday.

Executives from the franchises set to meet in Super Bowl XLVII on Sunday told Bloomberg Businessweek that the organizations are set to lose money.

Ravens President Dick Cass told the publication the bill is "significant."

“You lose money," he said. "But there are long-term benefits that pay off later. Hey, we work hard all year long to go to the Super Bowl. I don’t think anybody would trade off a short-term loss for winning a Super Bowl."

Last postseason, the Giants were to pay out an $88,000 share per player for winning the Super Bowl alone, according to Forbes.com. That would be on top of a $40,000 reward for winning the conference title game, $22,000 for winning the division round, and another $22,000 for winning their division.

Businessweek said the Ravens players have earned $84,000 in the playoffs, and the 49ers players have hauled in $62,000.

Playing on the road impacts how much a team can earn, too. The Ravens had one postseason home game—where the team is able to collect ticket sales and concessions.

Plus, according to the Businessweek report, the NFL pays home teams $681,000 in the first two rounds of the postseason. For hosting the conference championship game—something neither the 49ers or Ravens had the pleasure of doing—garners $1.05 million from the NFL.

The NFL will reimburse 200 first-class airfares, according to Businessweek. The report went on to say the winner on Sunday will be paid $4.3 million by the NFL, and the loser $3.2 million.

Those figures don't take into account the extravagant food spreads, gifts and other perks the teams provide for players and their families.

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