'Mayor of Rossmoor' Says the State's Top Suburb Could Be Improved

While Rossmoor has its charms, the community would be better off as part of a super city merged with Los Alamitos or Seal Beach, said Orange County Board of Supervisors Chairman John Moorlach.

Orange County Board of Supervisors Chairman John Moorlach weighed in on Rossmoor’s honor Wednesday after it was ranked as by Coldwell Banker as one of the top ten suburbs in the country to live in.

Moorlach, who said with a chuckle that he is more or less the mayor of Rossmoor since it is unincorporated, characterized it a ``pristine little neighborhood, and it has a personality.''

As much as the Orange County supervisor appreciates Rossmoor, he wants to get rid of it -- sort of. As he has with several unincorporated communities in the county, Moorlach has pushed for Rossmoor to be annexed to another city or form its own city because he thinks that the more local the government, the more responsive it will be for citizens.

Rossmoor residents in 2008 voted against cityhood.

"It's a wonderful little residential area, no arguments,'' Moorlach said. ``Where we have a difference of opinion is how they should be governed, and that's just a healthy debate to engage in.''

Moorlach thinks one of the best solutions is for Rossmoor to join Los Alamitos and Seal Beach in a combined regional super city.

``It would still maintain its identity the way Corona del Mar does in Newport Beach,'' Moorlach said.

In ranking Rossmoor as California’s most desirable suburb, Coldwell Banker described Rossmoor as a classic suburb.  

``For those attracted to a laid-back Californian way of life, but still want the benefits of a classic suburb, Rossmoor is the perfect combination,'' the real estate company said of Rossmoor, which has a population of about 10,000.

``Living in Orange County means being only minutes from the coast and a short drive from Los Angeles. Families here also enjoy the Rossmoor Park Community Center and local shopping at the Rossmoor Shopping Village.'' 


Do you think that merging with Los Alamitos or Seal Beach as a super city would improve the quality of life in Rossmoor?

 - City News Service

Art DeBolt September 27, 2012 at 01:43 PM
Moorlach, "...it is a pristine little neighborhood and it has personality", "It's a wonderful little residential area, no arguments" Reminds me of an Obama speech where he commented that America is the the greatest country and then later in the same speech urged people to vote for him to change it. Politicians and double talk ... get past the local level and they are all the same. Too bad for Moorlach, a "flash in the pan", he did great in the OC Bankruptcy, I voted for him and now he is just another politican. BTW those who have lived in Rossmoor longer than 25 years may remember Harriett Weider. She was honored as "The Mayor of Rossmoor". As the first woman supervisor for OC she represented Rossmoor. She got the first sound walls in along the 605 and actually looked out for the residents of Rossmoor. She earned the title Mayor of Rossmoor.
tiny September 27, 2012 at 03:30 PM
It would be nice to know the estimated costs/benefits for each city to merge, along with the county, so that the citzens can make an informed decision. And if one city will benefit more, or visa vi, then some kind of compensation or something offered to make it good for all. Make the light louder and more of a draw.
CDC September 27, 2012 at 03:58 PM
Moorlach is beyond crazy! He is the Mayor of Munchkinland not Rossmoor. He loves Seal Beach and TOTALLY HATES the very well run county area of Rossmoor! That is clear by the actions that have gone on against Rossmoor the last few years. Rossmoor is run very well with the tiny budget they have. They have the best schools and home owners. While Seal Beach spends money like a drunken sailor! It spends SO much money that it has to park Box Stores practically on the front lawns of the citizens of Rossmoor to make more money to feed their bloated red budget! If Rossmoor became part of Seal Beach, and that is a BIG "if". The citizens of Rossmoor would vote out every single city official "on the take" in Seal Beach. Currently, Seal Beach looks out ONLY for Seal Beach! Hey Moorlach, there is a feud on that is worse than the Hatfield's and McCoy's over the REALLY BAD traffic on Seal Beach Blvd and the constant additions to the Shops in Rossmoor with ZERO say from the people that live next to this mess! Maybe if Rossmoor did become part of Seal Beach we could return the favor. Perhaps a Walmart or Hooters on Main Street?
tiny September 27, 2012 at 04:49 PM
I guess you're right. Maybe the reason Rossmoor is rated so high is because it's seperate from "big city" bureaucratic politics. And who would want some power hungry pol dictating their stuff into Rossmoor.
CDC September 27, 2012 at 06:13 PM
Been there, Done that. Where were you when we voted to STAY IN THE COUNTY a few years back? ALL of those figures were given. Basically would co$t Rossmoor a LOT MORE for a less services and less control if we merged or became a city. It is very CLEAR that merging with Seal Beach would start a total WAR over how Seal Beach is managed and how they treat Rossmoor. And merging with Los Al would slam property values. NO THANK YOU!
met00 September 27, 2012 at 06:25 PM
"Moorlach thinks one of the best solutions is for Rossmoor to join Los Alamitos and Seal Beach in a combined regional super city." Historically Seal Beach has only cared about the south side of the hill. That means that the "residents" of Seal Beach north of the hill are to be shat upon. Ask the residents of College Park how much they love the big box stores at Lampson and SB blvd. Why "the beach" and "the hill" get treated well and they get treated like crap. And don't forget that city-within-a-city of Leisure World that get;s almost nothing from SB. So, how well does Moorlach understand the dynamics of his district? Los Al residents want no part of it. Rossmoor residents want no part of it and SB resident want no part of it. If all three groups he is trying to force into this marriage think the idea sucks, they may be onto something. But then you have Edgar in Los Al, who along with Poe and Stephens support this warped vision of a sell out of the community. The threesome, doing Moorlach's dirty work, are attempting to "steal" the last remaining retail tax corner from Rossmoor. But it may just be too little too late. Poe is stepping down, Stephens is up for re-election and may lose. Edgar is running for Assembly (with our luck he will lose and we will still be stuck with "Mr. Sell Out Los Al") But with the potential Moorlach supporting majority gone, this warped nightmare of an idea may just come to an end.
Greydancer September 27, 2012 at 06:49 PM
Rossmoor is a Top Ten Suburb for one reason: It is, and was voted on by the residents of the community in 2008, an unincorporated area. Because of that fact, the residents of Rossmoor make decisions that we feel are best for our community. And, not surprisingly, it WORKS. As in all of politics, the reason Moorlach wants to annex our "pristine little neighborhood," into SB and Los Al is...wait for it...money. We are a rather affluent community and there is a lot of revenue in taxes, utilities, schools, etc. We've already spoken with our votes, now let us run our own community. Moorlach, it's not a "healthy debate," it's a moot point.
tiny September 27, 2012 at 07:26 PM
I've not been interested in local politics, but was born and raised in Rossmoor for 21 years. And my mom lives there near where the new big box stores have their backs to Rossmoor.
CDC September 27, 2012 at 08:40 PM
All Moorlach wants is a surplus county budget so he can run for higher office and leave a mess behind for the residents that are dealing with his personal plans. He is a real climber and taker. He claims to be an expert with numbers. If so, he knows that Seal Beach over spends like crazy and is in the toilet with their budget. He wants the Rossmoor tax base to help bail out Seal Beach and clear the county land off the map so the county has a bigger surplus before he leaves. Seal Beach can clean up their own budget mess since they now have a ton of tax revenue coming in from the new huge shops in Rossmoor. And EVERYBODY knows That Shops of "Rossmoor" revenue really should be going to the county, not Seal Beach. Don't push Seal Beaches budget problems on Rossmoor residents. It has been repeatedly stated that Seal Beach DOES NOT play well with others and the council is on the take... http://losalamitos.patch.com/articles/seal-beach-upeek-fair-political-practices http://losalamitos.patch.com/articles/long-beach-to-seal-beach-bus-end-soon
Unknow September 28, 2012 at 05:35 AM
I would vote for a Walmart or a Hooters on main street, I would drive three miles to main street.
AJ Johnson October 06, 2012 at 05:02 PM
Amen! What has Moorlach done for Rossmoor while he has been a supervisor? NOTHING! The only thing he has done is to help unify the community of Rossmoor against everything that comes out of his mouth in respect to Rossmoor. Besides, neither Seal Beach nor Los Alamitos really want us and we don't want them. Just because our kids may play on the same teams and go to the same schools, we have a completely different way of looking at life and our community. I, for one will be glad when he is out of office and can go look for a real job! So long, JM!
AJ Johnson October 06, 2012 at 05:19 PM
The only reason the Shops at Rossmoor are part of Seal Beach is because of a sweetheart deal between the developer of the original Rossmoor Shopping Center and Seal Beach to swap land that became Leisure World and the shopping center. He got to make the money on building the Rossmoor Town Houses (on the corner of the block that contains the Shops at Rossmoor) and the homes in Leisure World. He shafted Rossmoor by taking all of the future tax revenue away from Rossmoor and giving it to Seal Beach and making a boat load of money for himself. And what does Seal Beach do for the part of the city that is north of the 405? Very little! If anything should happen, the Shops at Rossmoor should be returned to Rossmoor and the homes north of the 405 should become part of Rossmoor! The shopping center does not even want to be considered part of Seal Beach or they would have changed the name to the Shops at Seal Beach instead of the Shops at Rossmoor. And the homes north of the 405 would end up paying less utility taxes and have more representation in Rossmoor than they currently get from Seal Beach. By making these changes, Rossmoor could more than support itself and the County would have to leave us alone! It would be a win/win situation for all of the people and the two Shopping Centers north of the 405! Now that is a change that more people in Rossmoor would support and they would vote to become a city but run the way it is now!! Can we all say "it is time to revolt?!?!"
enea ostrich November 06, 2012 at 12:13 AM
Let's just rewrite history while we're at it! Why not??? Thanks to a new book by Los Al know it all named Strawthers we will learn how Rossmoor and Los Al came to be. You will also learn that rewriting history does not mean word equals knowledge. Puh-lease to all who don't want to see Rossmoor merge wherever it belongs...not on its own. When u wanna mooch taxes from all of us in the county for police services..whaaddya think is gonna happen??? What I see is... small town politics that breeds ignorance so far and wide that you think the school district is seperated if you read this as an outsider in these commentaries. No, I hate to break it but Seal Beach, Rossmoor and Los Alamitos do belong to the same school district. You wouldn't know it by reading some of the comments though. Oh well, wake up people, reality will hit and Rossmoor will join a city soon enough just like Corona Del Mar joined Newport. Did it hurt either place???? I think not, for both have quite valid real estate value.


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