Pull Plug on San Onofre in 10 Years, GOP Leader Says

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher says the technology is outdated and shouldn't be relicensed. "We can be safer and more efficient," he says after touring the reactor.

San Onofre is a technological dinosaur and should be replaced with a more modern nuclear reactor , Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Huntington Beach) said Thursday.

"There should be no new licenses issued to light-water reactors," he said. "We should utilize those reactors that are in place because we've spent tens of billions of dollars, but we shouldn't work to extend their lives ... not because of how unsafe they are now, but because we can be safer and more efficient. We have to realize that this is 50-year-old technology."

Rohrabacher spoke to the media outside the embattled plant Thursday afternoon after touring its security features.

The congressman said he was impressed with the measures San Onofre had taken to keep the plant safe from attack. He also said he was confident operators wouldn't try to restart the plant -- -- until it was safe to do so.

Rohrabacher said anti-nuke activists make legitimate criticisms about radiation risks and nuclear waste storage problems, but he said new technologies such as high-temperature, gas-cooled reactors and thorium reactors could make radiation leaks impossible and use current stores of nuclear waste as fuel.

"We could actually kill two birds with one stone," he said. "I think we could build a working prototype within five years, and we could have mass distribution in 10 years."

Rohrabacher said technicians told him San Onofre's current reactors could be up and running again as soon as June, but they wouldn't commit because they wanted to be sure it was safe to bring them back online.

The Independent System Operator -- the coalition responsible for allocating electricity throughout California -- if San Onofre remand cold through the summer. Rohrabacher from the array of energy production in the state.

"There are serious implications to not using the nuclear reactors that we have," he said.

T.Spayede May 12, 2012 at 05:05 PM
Pro-active better than 'reactive': Where's the simple info display/chartmograms for risk and risk aversion, shouldd things 'go south'??. Something! should either be in local print and media news; flyers dispensed by elected and safety officials in all surrounding communities w/in 100 miles sent to all residents; same by utility companies that have direct knowledge (and do). I, as a local humanoid, (f'now -prior to any outgrowths radiating from my head or limbs in a near-term time), should expect at least some of the following, colorfully and artfully portaryed in SIMPLE and ACCESSIBLE graphics, perhaps as attention grabbing as any superbowl commercial quality... 1) Risks and consequences portrayed from nuclear SanO upset, from either/or natural or 'man-made disasters' (sheeesh!)... 2) Evacuation routes to include times of travel and volumes of traffic to anticipate at varied times from incidence... 3) Time table of physical effects, noted for children, adults and unborn physiologies... 4) Psychological profiles and known impacts of human behavior to expect in dire emergncy conditions, i.e., probability scales of will or will not the car or person next to you/those yu care about - a) run you off the road; b) get in a fist fight w/ your mom at the gaspump; c) act crazy jusbecause emergency responders are tied up, too few, and there no civil order training in the consequences of overloaded authorities (fire, police, medical) - or those mischievously dressed like them...
T.Spayede May 12, 2012 at 05:06 PM
This info should be made available immediately and to everyone breathing in nearby zones. This is also helpful since our friends in chatchky supportland, Kingpao, ching$hingwow, across the sea, already have the stated 'military' hacking capability of burning up US computer run power grid resources and shutting off American energy distribution at the drop of an eggroll, w/ or w/out noodles - realtime "e"-quake danger (even w/out grindy regular fukishima earthquake risk, or the demented "man-made" disaster makers) "I could go on"...but it would be nice 'and imperative' that some officials jump on some info dissemination in this vein, asap...(hint you're being needled elected officials and safety folk...)
CaptD May 13, 2012 at 11:41 PM
Good Comments Hope to read more from you!
T.Spayede May 15, 2012 at 01:45 AM
"...Well...", one should be concerned, 'further', if the Rads go southsome, in an 'incident'..., w/ residential and business power impacts to daily life (health/safety still 'most'paramount...), and levels of service you can anticipate, going plop, in light of reduced "services" (med facilities, traffic lites, movie show times/tv show access,...life support equipment, etc.)(...facebook?!)...."not to mention" your cellphone and priototamobile that will plug into an 'empty' socket after 24 hrs or so, w/ us "gettin' no powah, Capn"... Should have the utility folk bringing back some land 'phone booth's, too (for some emergency needs at least, spaced thruout our communities...). Good civil order planning in most locales pretty close to non-existent, at least as most of our citzens know (w/out goodeasygraphics pasted to our foreheads). But if you are w/in airborne 'scalding' distance of the potential Hot Muffintown mamma-nukeries at SanO, then such absence of PRE-PLANNING from 'the authorities' AND dissemination, is near criminal?? Know sounds a little scary - ( "but"... 'link' to Katrina and 48 HOUR!!! Fed warning ahead of time! to local RESPONSIBLE state and city, Louisiana/N'olins, that a Cat 5 tumbler was headed straight in, and nothing of much sense was paid until the busses and begonias were underwater...'OR'
T.Spayede May 15, 2012 at 01:46 AM
...'OR' the wonderful human behavior longtime neighbors exacted on their bretherens and cisterns in Bosnia, a recent time back...). People do 'funny' things in emergencies, esp. when there is no PREPARATION ahead, to minimize... The 'authorities' like to bury heads in the sand 'not to get the public all riled up'...sheeesh. (It's called negligence!, no secret, Victoria). Maybe even jus get someCiv Order kiosks up, every so often, if the powerpole billboard space is filled up (since they may be the only use o the poles should the muffins pop, the badegg-rolling columnA's mix w/ the columnB's (brown rice, pls), or the fukishima dates shake us all over...) Should be time to formulate, esp. while, at least, those pups are shut down for now...


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