Two Republicans To Battle for Assembly Seat

The final votes are in, and the 72nd Assembly District will see two Republicans battle it out for the November election.

Get ready to see red.

With the final votes tallied Friday, voters in the Seal Beach, Rossmoor, Los Alamitos, Fountain Valley, Huntington Beach, Garden Grove and Westminster areas will have two Republicans to choose between in November’s election for the 72nd State Assembly District.

The Orange County Registrar of Voters has yet to certify the election, but the final remaining absentee and provisional ballots have been counted, and Los Alamitos Mayor Troy Edgar (R) and Travis Allen (R), a Huntington Beach financial planner, garnered the most votes. Joe Dovinh, a Garden Grove Planning Commissioner and the Democratic front-runner, conceded the race Friday afternoon after coming in 419 votes behind Allen.

“It’s going to be the two of them in the general (election) – all Republican,” said Dovinh. “It’s up to each of them to make their case to the community.”

Running in a Republican-dominated district, Dovinh had hoped for a strong showing among Democrats. However, the Democratic vote was split between Dovinh and Albert Ayala, a Democrat who did little campaigning but still earned 13.7 percent of the vote.

Though he conceded defeat in the assembly race, Dovinh is already planning another run for state office – the 34th State Senate District in 2014.

“I am looking forward to running in the 34th in two years,” he told Patch.

Dovinh plans to transfer funds raised during the current campaign to his state senate campaign after incumbent Lou Correa’s term expires. The 34th is a predominately Democratic district serving Anaheim, Buena Park, Fullerton, Garden Grove, Santa Ana, Stanton and Westminster.

As for the remaining two candidates in the 72nd District Assembly race, “I think they are on the right track,” said Dovinh. “I haven’t seen Allen much in the community, but I have seen Edgar spending money in the community and campaigning.”

Allen said he feels good in his position as the second-highest vote getter.

“The voters clearly responded to our campaign message, and we are going to continue that into November,” said Allen, who earned 12,851votes or 19.9 percent. “I am the only candidate in the race to sign the ‘no-new-tax’ pledge,” Allen said.

An advocate of a part-time legislature, Allen says he would roll back government regulations on businesses.

Allen says he doesn’t believe an all-Republican race will change the way he campaigns heading out of the primary election. The issues remain the same, he said. The voters want their government held accountable, and they want a business-friendly California, added Allen.

“I think the record of my opponent is a little suspect when held up to the light,” he added.

Throughout the primary race, Edgar, who came out on top with 28 percent of the vote, touted his tax record, citing an endorsement by the Orange County Taxpayers Association.

"I'm going to work on advocating for businesses and jobs. We need to create an economy that can keep jobs in California and keep building the economy up. I'm also going to work with the Republican leadership and get in the trench and try to move everything forward,” he said on election night.

Long Pham, a Republican Orange County Board of Education Trustee, came in fourth with just 442 votes fewer than Allen.

Pham has not yet said whether he will ask for a recount, said Alex Avetoom, Pham’s campaign consultant.

“Dr. Pham will wait and talk with his family and weigh his options,” said Avetoom.

Patch Fan Club June 16, 2012 at 04:30 PM
The 34th Senate District has also been redrawn to look very dissimilar to the way this article describes. It now includes Seal Beach and Huntington Beach, making it about 50-50 in terms of Dem-Rep registration.
met00 June 17, 2012 at 12:43 AM
The Los Alamitos City Municipal Code states that any violation of the Los Alamitos City Municipal Code that does not have a specific penalty is a misdemeanor punishable by a fine and/or jail time. A Superior Court Judge ruled that Troy Edgar violated the Los Alamitos City Municipal Code. In Los Alamitos there is apparently the Rule Of Law for the residents that violate the Los Alamitos City Municipal Code and a totally different rule for Mr. Edgar. All a candidate has to do is remind the Vietnamese community that “back home” it was officials that believe that they were above the Rule Of Law that led to the downfall of their country, and that Mr. Edgar, like those former leaders of Vietnam believes that he and his corruption are above the Rule Of Law. No mater how much money he raises and spends, he can’t erase the fact that Mr. Edgar doesn’t believe he has to follow the laws the rest of us do, or be held responsible for when he breaks them. He’s just that much better than the rest of us.
enea ostrich June 17, 2012 at 06:53 AM
Tainted political wannabes do not belong. Out.
Joker Joe June 18, 2012 at 06:49 PM
met00 Same in Huntington Beach. If the planning dept inspectors screw up and say the construction is good to go and it is later determined it should not of been approved it is tough luck for the property owner as the law states you cannot sue the dept for their screw ups even though you paid hundreds of dollars for the inspector to check on the construction.
met00 June 18, 2012 at 10:34 PM
Actually, there is a major difference here. 1) A Superior Court Judge RULED that Edgar violated the Municipal Code 2) Edgar actually violated a piece of the Municipal Code that he voted to put into the Municipal Code 3) The Municipal Code states that a violation is criminal Here is where it becomes a bit sticky. There is no criminal enforcement body for violations of the Municipal Code. The OC DA doesn't enforce and the CA AG doesn't enforce. City Muni Codes are enforced by... The City. So, the City Council must enforce the City Muni Code with the City Prosecutor. Los Al doesn't have a City Prosecutor, and the City Council Majority (which all violated the City Muni Code) is run by Edgar and they won't vote to prosecute themselves. In fact Edgar, as appointed Mayor, is responsible for setting the Agenda (according to Edgar, not according to the City Muni Code) and won't even put the question of prosecution of the violation on the City Council Agenda. Above the law? You bet. The Los Alamitos City Council under Troy Edgar is worse than Tammany Hall. Edgar is King!


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