Three Vacation Rental Applications Up For Review Amid Community Backlash

The Seal Beach Planning Commission will meet Wednesday to discuss permits for three vacation rental properties amid a backlash against vacation renters in Old Town

Vacation rentals properties are a controversial subject in Seal Beach.

Some residents say renters bring in trash and crime. Other residents say they bring in much needed local money and that bad renters ruin it for the good renters. The complaints have prompted the Mayor to ask city staffers to draft an ordinance that would ban all future Old Town vacation rental permits. 

In the mean time, the city's Planning Commission will discuss three applications for vacation rental property permits in Seal Beach on Wednesday. 

The next group of vacation rental property applications up for discussion are:

  • Janet Conney and Christopher Geier are applying for a permit for a short-term rental property at their property at 121 13th Street. 
  • Donald Marr, who will be applying for a short-term vacation rental property at 1616 ½ Ocean Avenue.  The property is owned by Donald and Carol Marr.
  • Tori Jones, who will apply for a permit to allow about 633 square foot room addition and an about 93 square foot garage addition to an existing single family dwelling at 246 17th Street.  The property is currently “nonconforming” because of “substandard garage space and substandard garage setbacks.  The property is owned by Greg and Krystal Garza.

City staff recommends all permit applications be approved as long as owners follow the conditions.

The meeting takes place at 7:30 p.m Wednesday in City Council Chambers at 211 211 Eighth Street.

Dana Caffrey September 26, 2012 at 12:51 PM
It's really sad to know that there are vacationers who doesn't know how to take good care the house they're renting. I mean, yeah, they've paid for it but they must not forget that it's someone else's house. Every vacationers should at least pay respect to the house and to the owner as well. http://www.vs-sr.com/
Grace Marie gisselquist March 09, 2014 at 12:49 AM
I hope you allow renters. My son lived in and loved Seal Beach. I plan on visiting the town to celebrate his living in such a glorious place. I visited him every year and loved Seal Beach. I want to rent a little cottage and enjoy my memories. Maybe if you put an age limit, like no renting to anyone under 21. My son passed away last October.


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