City Wants Your Opinion on How to Spend $358,000

Staffers will be sending out the "Community Give-Back" Survey in the Los Al Winter Activity Guide available Nov. 16.

Los Alamitos residents, do you want a community garden? How about emergency kits for 1,000 homes? What about a sugar beet festival?

Those are three of eight options on a survey the city will send out this week, the results of which will help the City Council make a decision on how to spend $358,000.

“The fundamental thing is the council wanted to ask the community what they wanted,” said Angie Avery, city manager.

Avery added that residents should know that the final decision on how the money will be spent is up to Council and that the results of the survey do not automatically determine where the money goes.

 aimed at gaining community input on how to spend $358,000, the equivalent of one percent of the city’s utility users tax revenue.

The council decided that strong budget reserves afford the city an opportunity to exercise a one-time give-back to the community.

Instead of a one-time tax reduction or rebate, residents urged the council to spend the money on projects that would improve the quality of life in Los Alamitos.

To download the survey, click the PDF below the main photo of this story.

Only one vote per household is allowed, and residents can add their own suggestions.

Anyone who fills out the survey gets entered in a prize drawing for a $50 restaurant gift certificate or a $50 voucher for any city recreation and community services program offering.

The deadline is Jan. 15 and surveys can be turned in at City Hall at 3191 Katella Avenue or the Community Center at 10911 Oak Street. The survey may also be requested by emailing the city manager at aavery@cityoflosalamitos.org

Here are the eight options that appear on the survey. (Survey text has not been edited).

Develop a Community Garden

  • Survey available city-owned land to determine an optimal location for a community garden. 15 plots, Raised bed plots, simple irrigation system with one hose bib, 8-foot perimeter fence, tool shed, a bench or picnic table, sign with garden name, shared composting area. Cost = $8,500.

Digital Reader Board

  • Purchase and install a digital reader board to be placed at Laurel Park that would be programmed to inform the community about news and upcoming events. Cost = $75,000.

Emergency Kits for Every Household

  • 1000 emergency kits provided for individual households in the city on a first come-first served basis. Cost = up to $90,000.

Expand Free Summer Parks Program

  • Expand the number of weeks and the hours at two park sites for free supervised activities at Little Cottonwood and Orville Lewis Parks during the summer, add free field trips and water splash day for 3 years: Expand from 7 to 10 weeks of park supervision and from 4 to 5.5 hours per day x 2 staff x 2 parks. Cost = $42,000.

Holiday Decorations on Light Poles

  • Decorate 57 light poles in the city with holiday décor that is visible during daylight and nighttime hours for a period of 3 years. Remove the Banners of Honor on the 57 poles to start the holiday season and reinstall the banners in January. The cost of the decorations includes design, production, installation, removal, storage and annual refurbishment. Cost = $90,000.

Plant Trees

  • Survey the city and determine which city-owned properties would benefit by additional trees. 600 trees = $75,000, plus $1000 mailing to every resident. Planting to be accomplished over 4 years. Cost = $76,000.

Re-establish Police Explorer Program

  • The Police Explorer Post is offered in conjunction with the Boy Scouts of America. The program provides an opportunity for youth to develop leadership skills as they learn about careers in the Law Enforcement field and the value of community service. Through practical experience, Explorer Scouts, ages 14-21, learn radio communications, traffic control techniques, and a variety of other law enforcement concepts and procedures. They assist in various non-enforcement duties and community events. Cost = $15,000 for 3 years.

Seed Money for Sugar Beet Festival

  • Provide seed money for the event to take place in July 2013 in the historical heart of Los Al that will bring the community together to promote our unique community brand. Cost = $25,000.

Senior Trips Scholarship Program

  • Provide scholarships to seniors residing in Los Alamitos for up to 3 free trips per year offered through the Los Alamitos Senior Club for 3 years. Requirements: resident of Los Alamitos, age 62 or over, annual income $29,000 or less for single or $58,000 double income household. Cost = $36,000.
The Beast ! November 14, 2012 at 07:31 PM
How about spending money on Seal Beach or having your own concert in the park on Wednesdays rather than coming to our town.
Name it November 15, 2012 at 03:55 PM
Typical government, always trying to find a way to spend money. Here’s a thought, STOP SPENDING!


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