Shady Law Up for A Vote

Proposed rule limiting size of rooftop awnings will go before Seal Beach City Council Monday. Furniture and umbrellas would still be permitted.

When it comes to shade on Seal Beach rooftops, officials are set to vote on how big is too big.

The City Council will hold a public hearing Monday on a proposed law that would limit the size of canopies allowed on residential rooftops.

If the rule passes, residents would be banned from putting any canopy on the roof that 1) is not collapsible 2) is bigger than 150 feet.

The city’s Planning Commission recommends the council pass the law, as well as a statement telling residents the reasoning behind the law – that it would not prohibit furniture or umbrellas but would keep peole from “large canopies that would unreasonably block light or views or increase the visual mass of the residential structure.”

The City Council originally directed the Planning Commission to come up with guidelines about placement of items on residential roof decks in July 2012.

If approved Monday, the proposed law would return for a second vote at the next meeting, and if approved again, would be considered officially adopted.

Also on the agenda

--The Memorial Committee – the committee created to help design a memorial for the victims of the Salon Meritage massacre in 2011 -- could be extended until Dec. 2013 or disbanded, depending on the council’s decision.

-- The Council will decide whether to keep distributing traffic accident records by mail or switch to sending the records through the internet. According to City staff, the move would save staff time and be environmentally friendly.

-- Officials are also set to vote whether to deny a short-term rental property application for 413 Ocean Avenue.

-- Council members will also approve the list of appointments to the various boards, committees and commissions including the Planning Commission, Recreation and Parks Commission and the Environmental Quality Control Board.

The City Council Meeting Begins at 7 p.m. at 211 8th Street.

To read the agenda, click here and then select “Agenda” 

hf2hvit January 13, 2013 at 10:14 PM


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