Republicans Seek to Counter 'Liberal Bias' in Local Schools, Colleges

Los Alamitos, Rossmoor and Seal Beach conservative group talk strategies for fighting back against alleged prejudice against conservative beliefs in schools.

Jason Aula said he had to develop "tough skin" in college. 

The 26-year-old Long Beach resident said he was harassed by students, ignored by professors and was even called a “neo-Nazi” because of his political beliefs.

“I was in a fraternity (and) they made me feel like it was so shameful, literally, to be a Republican,” Aula said.

At a meeting of the Rossmoor- Los Alamitos Republican Women's Federated Saturday, Aula and other local Republicans talked about ways to grow their membership and counter “liberal bias” in nearby schools and colleges.

Among the ideas stressed at the meeting at the Farmer's and Merchant’s Bank at 12535 Seal Beach Blvd: a call to urge local educational leaders to monitor lesson plans to make sure they present both sides of controversial issues like immigration and healthcare.

In May 2011, the Los Alamitos Unified School District went through its share of controversy on the oft-divisive issue of "Global Warming.” A new environmental science course prompted the district to rewrite its policy for teaching controversial subject matter. Concerned that "liberal" faculty members could skew lessons on global warming, the district board of education voted 4-0 to make teachers give an annual presentation on how they're teaching the class. 

In an interview with Patch after his speech to the local Republicans, Aula, the Political Director of the Long Beach Young Republicans, said he felt that popular culture presents Republicans as “hatemongers" and "racists" and, he said, the state’s leaders in education promote a pro-liberal agenda.

Aula said he's experienced that bias first hand. In 2008, he said had a teacher who was a “staunch liberal” who gave him a lower grade allegeldy because Aula wrote something that was “kind of pro-republican.” He said he eventually ended up retaking the class.

Aula said he was ignored by other professors and called “neo-nazi” for his political views, especially those about illegal immigration.

“They harass me. I’ve gotten use to it,” Aula said. “Being a Republican, it gives you tough skin.”

And, he added, he believes that liberal bias affects not just colleges but local schools too.

He said one factor that leads to bias in the education system is the high number of schools that have certain Latino support groups that, he alleged, are in reality all about backing a pro-illegal immigration stancem. He listed said local chapters of Movimiento Estudiantil Chican@ de Aztlán (Mecha), as examples.

"They essentially function as political action committees at college campuses regionally," “said Aula, whose father emigrated to America from Indian legally. 

For Aula, the way to combat liberal bias in education facilities is to register more Republicans.

The state is "60 percent Democrat, 39 percent Republican," he said to the gathered Republicans. "The margin’s not as small as it seems."

Aula said this week he submitted his paperwork to run for the Long Beach City Council, District 1 position. 

Rossmoor resident Earlene Boyd, who attended the Saturday meeting, said her granddaughter had attended Los Alamitos High School and two local community colleges, and her daughter said she felt that there was liberal bias, especially in the case of one teacher who allegedly bragged about having medical permission to smoke marijuana. Boyd said she would like to see education officials ensure that local lesson plans are "monitored and policed" to prevent bias.

She added that if school officials don't do things like that, the voters should replace them with people who will.

“A good instructor should teach young people to do (their) own fact-finding and come to (their) own conclusion," Boyd said. 

Other attendees at the meeting including the former mayor of Los Alamitos, the former Mayor of La Palma and the Mayor Pro Tem of Cypress.

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Purvis Granger January 21, 2013 at 03:12 AM
Earick, do you have ANY data for ANY of your points? Your conflation of environmental "facts" not only fails to address the issue ( some of them are comically misapplied- thanks for proudly showing us your grasp of acronyms..CD, PPM), but your understanding of syllogisms and the specific meanings of terms like Marxism and statism are puzzling from either side of the political spectrum. The problem with comments like these is that they undermine any legitimate conservative debate that should be had.
Earick Ward January 21, 2013 at 03:19 PM
Purvis - Typical Leftist tactic. Assert a hypothosis, don't present any substantive scientific data to support your theory, and then demand that your opponent prove the negative of your (unproven) assertion. As to the acronyms, CD stands for Carbon Dioxide. PPM stands for Parts Per Million. Marxism is the oft-failed belief that society can collectivize the earth's resources, while simultaneously improving society's standard of living. Often coinciding with the elevation of an "intellectual class", say, doctors, professors, or politicians who are granted authority to mete social justice (for the good of the people). The outcome of which ALWAYS results in; misery & despair, and compliance. Oh yeah, compliance, for if one doesn't come to see the wisdom of "our betters", we will be summmarily re-educated.
Purvis Granger January 21, 2013 at 05:21 PM
Earick- a few points. 1. I'm not leftist. 2. I didn't assert a hypothesis, you did. 3. Your definition of Marxism is arbitrary ( have you read Marx?), and 4. The fact that you find it remotely substantive to repeat acronyms that every high-school student understands is revealing. It appears that data, diction and logic aren't part of your tool chest. Simply *using* words that, when used by others carry substance, is not meaningful. Neither is randomly stitching together a smattering of references to a scientific topic without actually providing basic structure. Given the topic of this article, that too is revealing. I'm sure that beneath your rhetoric there is sentiment founded by real experience and thought- I wish you the best is using it to bring about the change you seek.
Shripathi Kamath January 22, 2013 at 06:38 AM
"Here's another paid professional: Richard Muller. Suck on that, libruls" "Who?" "Richard Muller" "Who is Richard Muller?" "A professional who disproved global warming." "Oh ok. But here it says that he changed his mind: http://nydn.us/LIcpnf" "So what? It is cold outside. Ha ha ha! Let me see any real scientist deny this" "OK, but Richard Muller is a physicist, and you brought him up" "See, not a climate scientist" "But he was paid by the Koch brothers..." "So what, read the report, he says that he does not know what is causing it!" "Oh." "..wait that was two years ago. Last year, he said this: http://exm.nr/YjUutz "LIBERAL MARXIST SCUM!" Conclusion: The continued existence of winter disproves global warming. Also Al Gore and Barney Frank is gay. Plus Benghazi. And Solyndra. CASE CLOSED.
Purvis Granger January 23, 2013 at 03:10 AM
Shri, LOL. Well done.


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