Don't Close Local Military Bases, Harman Urges

State senator introduces 2 resolutions urging Congress preserve the Naval Weapons Station in Seal Beach and the Los Alamitos Joint Forces Training Base.

Resolutions to protect the Naval Weapons Station in Seal Beach and the Los Alamitos Joint Forces Training Base from closing were introduced Friday by State Sen. Tom Harman.

"These bases are not only important for their military service, but also for their impact on local, regional and state economies," Harman said in a press releases. "These bases are responsible for nearly 1,500 California jobs, not to mention the business they bring to the communities surrounding them. The Orange County economy will suffer and our national security will be compromised without these bases."

Harman's Senate Joint Resolution 24 and Senate Joint Resolution 25 outline the military and economic importance of the two bases and urge California's congressional delegation and the secretary of defense to prevent them from closing.

"The Naval Weapons Station, Seal Beach is the primary military operation that services and supplies the entire Pacific Fleet based in San Diego," he said. "It is a vital part of our nation’s security and defense efforts...The Los Alamitos Joint Forces Training Base is the sole remaining military airfield in greater Los Angeles and Orange County area. It is the largest Army airfield operated by the National Guard, and is able to accommodate nearly every class of aircraft the used by the United States military today. It makes no sense to close it."

Edgar May 01, 2012 at 02:02 PM
People don't become conscious of the spin offs of the two military facilities until they are threatened to close them and realize the impact. I would rather see us pull out of Afghanistan which costs the US Taxpayer $1,000,000 per each troop there for one year. The majority of the people in Afghanistan want to be in their little tribal situation, tend their poppy gardens and supply the world with drugs. Bring the troops home and put them on the Mexico / USA boarder to protect our life style and democracy , shut the bases down in Japan ,Germany, Italy, Turkey, England and quit being the World Police Force. let those countries put their national treasury into their own protection. We have extreme problems that need rapid attention here at home, like a senate and congress that does something for our country, social security, national health, repair / upgrade our infrastructure that is falling apart, on and on. We keep degrading our society, education systems, social issues so we can poke our nose into other peoples business. I want a strong military , take care of my country first, if I have a few leftovers then maybe, just maybe help out some less fortunate that are OUR friends. We have lost and are loosing our American way of life.
met00 May 02, 2012 at 12:00 AM
Give the JFTB 10% of what Pendelton gets in ONE year to upgrade the facility, or close it down. It is shameful that we expect troops to live in the housing that the JFTB has in this day and age prior to serving our country overseas. Let's either upgrade the facility or close it, but to keep the same-old same-old is unacceptable. So, put your money where you mouth is, or BRAC the sucker.
met00 May 02, 2012 at 12:07 AM
Agreed. We can close all our overseas bases and use that money at home. Closing Germany alone will be enough to operate every base in CA (with enhancements!). Closing GITMO would be even better. Then we could also stop funding the war machine. We spend more on "defense" than the next five highest spending countries COMBINED. It's time that we set it up so we spend only 10% more than the second highest country. We should take all that extra money and use it to pay every vet's full college expense for up to an MBA as well as cover PTSD and all heath care for them. If there is any left over it should be used to pay for full benefits for survivors, full health care and full education to an MBA for all direct family members. If after that there is any left over, it should be put into local schools in those communities where military members gave their lives for this country.
Duong Vu May 04, 2012 at 02:49 PM
I think it'll be an economic windfall if we close the bases and open them up to development. The bases don't pay property taxes which hurts our schools. The soliders don't make as much as highly paid professionals that new businesses can bring into the area. We are not in rural america. Our area is considered prime real-estate that if developed properly can benefit everyone who lives in the area.
Nancy Hathcock May 09, 2012 at 06:30 PM
Mr. Vu obviously doesn't understand all of the services the Joint Forces Training Base provides to our community. He doesn't remember the importance of our base during riots in Los Angeles. He doesn't realize we have a fantastic program for young people at the base thru the Sunburst Academy and The Theatre Guild. Oh yes, the adults in our community are able to have a theater at the Liberty! Not to forget about the base pool and how that is utilized by our Olympic Polo team and our high school. Where do you think the training for our men and women takes place? Also, are you aware of Columbia University that is on the Base? The soldiers also contribute to our businesses in town - this is where they eat and shop. Haven't you noticed? By the way, where have our more prudent & cost conscious Presidents flown into on Air Force One? Yeah, that's right. Our Joint Forces Training Base. And in this economy do you really see commercial & residential growth booming? The amount of money it would take to redevelop the land would be WOW! Go do your homework. The military is part of our community family.


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