OCTA Unveils Real-Time Map of Local Freeway Closures

New graphic shows when and where local parts of the 22, 605 and 405 Freeways will be offline.

Sometimes it's difficult to explain where a freeway construction project takes place, especially in northwestern Orange County where the 605, 22 and the 405 meet.  

So, the Orange County Transportation Authority, aiming to clear things up, recently unveiled a new map that shows the planned locations and times of freeway, connector and road closures for the West County Connectors Project. 

According to OCTA staff, the map will be updated in real-time with the latest closure information.

"We’re always looking for ways that we can make the information easier for people to get and easier for people to understand," said Joel Zlotnik, a OCTA spokesman.

"In particular, the West County Connector project, where there's so many different closures happening at different times throughout the project, it’s been a challenge all along to find a way to best give the information to people," Zlotnik said. 

According to Zlotnik, the new real-time map is based on a similar map that OCTA used to update residents about projects on the 57 Freeway.

Zlotnik said OCTA staff wants to hear what people think of the new map and asked them to send their comments by email to Sarah Swensson, senior community relations specialist, at wccproject@octa.net.


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