Mobile Home Park Residents Get Rent Cash Back

The state will continue to help fund a Seal Beach program that provides rental assistance to residents of Seal Beach Shores.

A number of residents at a Seal Beach mobile home park can breathe a little easier.

The state has OK'd the funding of city rental assistance program aimed at helping tenants of Seal Beach Shores, according to Seal Beach city staff.

“If I was in the situation and my livelihood was dependent on it, it would certainly be a great relief for me if I was a renter there," said Victoria L. Beatley, city director of finance. 

Every year since 2000, the now-defunct Seal Beach redevelopment agency set aside $180,000 annually to help Seal Beach Shores provide rental subsidies to residents.

When the state officially dissolved redevelopment agencies in every city this year, it put a rental assistance program for Seal Beach Shores in limbo.

Many renters were concerned they would lose their homes. 

Successor agencies have had to apply for the money, and this year, the state had twice rejected applications from Seal Beach to fund the $180,000 subsidy for Seal Beach Shores.

However, on Monday, the city received confirmation the program would be funded through 2020.

“It’ll still being paid through the city of Seal Beach successor agency; it’s just the funding is coming through the county through the Department of Finance,” Beatley said.

According to Beatley, state law required redevelopment agencies spend a portion of property tax revenue on housing assistance and aid to low- and moderate-income residents.

Redevelopment agencies, designed to decrease blight in the community and provide affordable housing, were abolished this year because of a state law and court ruling that effectively transferred more than a billion dollars from city redevelopment agencies back into state coffers.

Cities such as Seal Beach appointed their city councils to act as successor agencies in a bid to retain redevelopment funding, but the state controls how that money may be spent, said Beatley.

City staffers went to Sacramento to meet with state Department of Finance representatives in hopes of winning support for the program, which is now administered by the Orange County Housing Authority.

mary miller December 20, 2012 at 03:07 PM
The real story can be found here truthtree48@yahoo.com


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