Los Al Gets 'F' On Tobacco Report Card, Seal Beach a 'D'

The American Lung Association drops the hammer on Orange County cities for failing to protect the public from tobacco and smoke.

The American Lung Association slapped a big red F on the Los Alamito's amenability to those wishing a cigarette smoke-free environment.

The health organization on Wednesday released its annual State of Tobacco Control report, and Los Alamitos was at the back of the pack.

Seal Beach only faired slightly better -- receiving a "D" -- and Rossmoor, which was grouped together with all unincorporated areas in the county -- received a “C.”

Besides Seal Beach, of the 30 cities ranked, the 2012 report card listed only three cities in the county that fared better than an F: Laguna Hills (C), Laguna Woods (C) and Santa Ana (D).

A year ago, Seal Beach was not on that list; the other cities' grades remained the same.

  • Check the State of Tobacco Control pdf that's attached and see results for Orange County cities on pages 55-56.

The report was based on a city's provision for smoke-free outdoor air, smoke-free housing and reducing sales of tobacco products. In all three areas, Los Al received a failing grade. Seal Beach received a D in  “Smokefree Environment,” an F in “Smokefree Housing” and a D in “Reducing Sales of Tobacco Products.”

In total, there were 16 areas within those three categories in which cities could have scored up to 4 points for an A, 3 points for a B, etc.

An example would be how well a city maintains smoke-free entryways (smoking prohibited within 20 feet or more for an A grade) or public events.

Los Alamitos did not score a point in any of those sub-categories.

Seal Beach scored 2.

Other cities that failed to get a single positive mark in the report: Aliso Viejo, Anaheim, Brea, Buena Park, La Habra, Orange, Placentia, San Juan Capistrano, Stanton, Tustin, Villa Park, Westminster and Yorba Linda.

met00 January 21, 2013 at 06:33 PM
I have a great idea. Let's do a real study. It will only take four cages of rodents. Take cage 1 and place it in a bar that allows smoking (change the law for the one bar) Take cage 2 and place it in a bar that doesn't allow smoking Take cage 3 and place it on the roof of Shoe City Take cage 4 and place it in a cigar smoking lounge (cigars and pipes only and air that is filtered from the outside...) Then as the rodents die, check to see which die from cancer the most. If there is no statistical difference, then stop the BS about second hand smoke. If it shows that cage 3 is the worst, start by closing streets before anyone says another word about tobacco smoke. Personally, I think the lowest incidence will be at cage 4 (because the air we breath normally is worse for us than sitting in air that has been filtered from the outside and only contains cigar/pipe smoke).


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