High-Tech Warship Docks in Seal Beach

The Navy will present walking tours of the guided missile destroyer USS Sampson, which reached harbor Friday afternoon.

The guided missile destroyer USS Sampson pulled into Seal Beach on Friday at about 2:30 p.m.

The Navy will be offering free tours of the warship over the weekend. 

Gregg Smith, Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station public affairs officer, encouraged people to check it out. 

"It is a very infrequent chance to go and have a look at one of those things that their tax dollars are supporting," said Smith. 

"It’s out there on the high seas, day in and day out, defending their freedom (and) it’s one of the most technologically advanced pieces of machinery on the planet."

The USS Sampson was commissioned in 2007, and was one of the ships featured in the summer blockbuster movie Battleship.

Smith said the ship isn't the only reason to attend. 

"People come and they expect to see a really neat ship, but what they don’t expect is the crew, and they're just blown away by the crew and how sharp they are and how much they know about the ship."


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