City Council Candidate Statement: Demi Devaney

Each Los Alamitos City Council candidate's statement will appear on the November ballot.

Editor's note: Patch is publishing one candidate statement each day. This is the statement voters will see on the ballot in November. Order of publication is determined by the order in which candidate names will appear on the ballot.

Statements have not been altered.

My name is Demi Devaney, a local resident of Los Alamitos. My three kids are product of Los Alamitos school District. I hope to be your next choice for the City Council member. I am running to see if I can introduce some improvements in our community. A safer neighborhood, cleaner streets, upgrades our school systems, beautification and economic prosperity.

I would like to see more projects, community involvement, public safety programs, and programs for the youth. Introduce a program for our high school senior students that will them to be successful in their endeavor for a better life while choosing the right college and staying in it. The programs and development of the youth will be our center focal point in establishing the economic prosperity of our City. I would like to see homeownership programs, homeownership retention programs and any programs that are available for the youth, parents, new jobs and any support programs that will be available and can be attain through our City.

Demi Devaney, MPA, BA, Paralegal, Realtor and Residential Care Facility Administrator. A Home Retention Consultant servicing banks for homeowners who are in default through Titanium Inc. 

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