City Council Candidate Statement: Dean Grose

Each Los Alamitos City Council candidate's statement will appear on the November ballot.

Editor's note: Patch is publishing one candidate statement each day. This is the statement voters will see on the ballot in November. Order of publication is determined by the order in which candidate names will appear on the ballot.

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City Council Candidate: Dean Grose

As a 26 year resident and small business owner, I care about our community, its economic condition and the citizens of Los Alamitos

Over the last 8 years, I have served as Chairman of the Regional Military Affairs Committee at the JFTB. The future of this 1400 acre installation that houses a major hub for Homeland Security is a major economic asset for our community.

Together, we need to assure proper City management, maintain strong public safety presence, develop a strong sense of community and pride, and continue to work with the Los Alamitos School District maintaining our blue ribbon school district. With the on-going 405-605 Freeway Expansion and modification project, we need strong council members looking out for our best interest. I will listen to your concerns and represent you in an open and transparent manner.

I’m a board member of the Chamber of Commerce, a Rotarian, a supporter of Precious Life Shelter as well as other non-profits. In 2011, I donated more than 220 hours volunteering as a member of CERT.

Together, we can build a strong Los Alamitos.

I respectfully and humbly ask for your vote Nov. 6th.

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rom333 September 07, 2012 at 05:10 AM
to met00 you should be ashamed of yourself ---- whomever you are. People send me jokes and I pass them on to others. This includes the whitehouse watermelon joke....they are usually sent to your friends....and thats what they are 'jokes' have people forgotten how to laugh or see the humor???? Somebodys mind was in the gutter and thats all it takes to make a mountain out of a mole hill so why put a decent man out of his career over such a thing as a 'joke'? Why crucify him for life. Let it be....your not perfect either. Its time to forget the mountain and let the man move on with his life. He has probably done more good in this world then you.
met00 September 07, 2012 at 08:26 AM
Why oh rom333 should I be ashamed of providing factual information (with cites) that Mr. Grose left out of his candidates statement? Mr. Grose has no problem stating what he wanted to of his last 8 years and touting his involvement with the JFTB. In that same time period he was on City Council, he was the Mayor and he resigned in disgrace after making Los Alamitos an International laughingstock. All one has to do is enter "mayor dean grose watermelon" for 122,000 results from all around the world to see what happened to Los Alamitos. You say "Its time to forget the mountain and let the man move on with his life." and I actually agree, until he steps onto the public stage. He clearly wants "the good that men do lives after him, the bad is often interred with the bones, so let it be" with Grose. Sorry, but that doesn't wash. If Mr. Grose were to ride off into the sunset, never to be in public office again, then what he has done, what he says, his checkered racial past, is his problem. When he steps onto the stage and runs for public office to represent the 11,000+ of Los Alamitos, then it is no longer a private affair, but requires a public conversation as to whether this person really does represent what we feel Los Alamitos is. Oh, and I am imperfect, which might explain why I don't run for public office. And if you can tell me what was "funny" about the watermelon e-mail and why it's not racist, feel free.
Edward October 07, 2012 at 05:29 AM
Part 1 Quote: "People send me jokes and I pass them to others. This includes the whitehouse watermelon joke...they are usually sent to your friends....and that's why they are 'jokes' have people forgotten how to laugh or see the humor??? Funny, that was pretty much Dean Grose's reaction and attitude and when this incident first surfaced and his actions were questioned. He seemed to carry that opinion until the will of the people shamed him into resigning. I don't believe he ever believed he did wrong. It wouldn't surprise me that you are either Mr. Grose or someone closely associated with him. He never connected with what he really did and he didn't take ownership of it. The sad part was when it was picked up by the AP News and traveled worldwide. Everyone was outraged, Al Sharpton was coming to town and ALL of the people of Los Alamitos were labled as "Racists" because our Mayor was an outspoken one. It was the lowest time in Los Alamitos history and he was responsible for all of it. His actions reflected on me. He never apologized to me our anyone in our town for doing what he did to all of us, let alone Ms. Price.
Edward October 07, 2012 at 05:33 AM
Part 2 Quote: Why crucify him for life? God will judge Mr. Grose. As for Mr. Grose running for council again...I am an American. As an American, I have freedom of speech and freedom to Vote. As someone wanting to hold a public office and represent me as a voter, Mr. Grose has not shown the level of professionalism, character, responsibility and intelligence to hold that office so I have the freedom to speak out about it and to vote for someone other than Mr. Grose. In the history of this city, he has done more damage than any other one person. The damage is still there and it is still fresh on the minds of the voters. All of the endorsements in the world won't change the will of the voters who went through this terrible time period.
Scott October 10, 2012 at 01:15 AM
I just had my doorstep littered with Mr. Grose's Friends of Dean Grose Flyer. This guy must really be desperate. Who are his friends? I see 5 people who were daring enough to be seen in a photo with him. I wonder how many of them will be alive after this term? They are 70+. There are no young voters. None of these friends are listed by name. How many of the current city council members are on this friends list. It is very sad to see the depths of how low this man has sunk to. Time to fold up your tent and go home. I know I enjoy my retirement. Tossing it away like Mr. Grose is in this election is simply irresponsible.


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