Candidate Travis Allen Accused of Loaning Campaign Extra $100K

Republican Allen calls the issue a "minor clerical error" and accuses opponent Troy Edgar of trying to distract from his own campaign violations.

In the continuing battle for the 72 Assembly seat – which will represent a number of Orange County cities including Rossmoor, Seal Beach, Los Alamitos and Fountain Valley – another financial misconduct allegation has surfaced.

This week, the campaign for Troy Edgar, Los Alamitos mayor, released a statement announcing a Seal Beach lawyer had filed a complaint with the California Fair Political Practices Commission against his Republican opponent, Travis Allen, a Huntington Beach businessman.

According to Edgar, the complaint by Heidi Abel alleges Allen loaned himself $100,000 more than campaign laws allow, and didn't fill out late contribution reports for at least three donations of more than $1,000 and a $7,000 loan to his campaign.  

“Travis Allen is either incredibly ignorant about campaign finance laws or he's simply trying to cheat his way to the Assembly. Either way, we hope the FPPC moves quickly to fine him and order him into compliance," said Edgar campaign consultant Rob Stutzman in a written statement.

The Allen campaign released a reply saying: “There were some minor clerical errors that were the responsibility of our veteran campaign treasurer.  As soon as our campaign found out about the discrepancies, they were immediately remedied.”

In a phone interview Thursday, Edgar argued the extra $100,000 was no small matter and said Allen should “take responsibility” for the error and not blame a treasurer.  

“A minor error is $100,000? They’re not minor clerical errors. They’re pretty significant,” Edgar said. “These are good indications of what this person’s attention to detail are.”

Allen campaign manager Emanuel Petrascu said Edgar was "trying to distract from his own issues. This is a desperate attempt.”

On Oct. 4, Fountain Valley resident Roy Reynolds filed a complaint against Edgar with the Federal Election Commission.

In a letter forwarded to Patch, Reynolds lists an OCWeekly story that cites two instances of Edgar using funds from his own company to pay for campaign materials during his aborted congressional campaign as evidence for an investigation into Edgar

Edgar said the campaign items in question were inadvertently directed to his company for payment.

According to Edgar, after OCWeekly’s R. Scott Moxley alerted him to the problem, the money was returned to Edgar's firm and the campaign finance statements were corrected.

Recently, Edgar and Allen squared off in a contentious debate in Fountain Valley.

The 72 Assembly District, which Allen and Edgar are contending for, will represent Seal Beach, Los Alamitos, Rossmoor, Fountain Valley, Garden Grove, Huntington Beach, Westminster and part of Santa Ana.

The Nov. 6 election is in 17 days. 

met00 October 21, 2012 at 08:40 AM
Edgar went MONTHS before "correcting" his FEC errors. He also included lame explanations and outright lies to Moxley of the OC Weekly. Outright lies you ask? How about telling Moxley that he "printed them off my home computer" when Moxley asked about where the illegally paid for brochures came from, while Moxley was looking at the invoice from the commercial printer.... LIES. Edgar blatantly lied to Moxley. Then after he was caught he changed his story. Now, just where was that invoice sent again? If I sent a bill to Edgar For Congress at his company they would just pay the bill? They wouldn't check with the CEO to confirm the bill, or that it should be paid by the company? Now either the CEO has bad business processes, or that lame explanation is just as bogus as printing it from his computer was. As someone who has helped run campaigns and ran one myself, I know that the treasurers are fallible, and so does the State or they wouldn't allow for the corrections without fines. But there is a major difference between loaning oneself "too much" and then turning the overage into a donation and between having one's company pay the tab illegally. This is the best that Edgar can come up with on the "dirt" he needs to throw on Allen in order to win? This may explain why all of Edgar's endorsements came from people BEFORE Allen got in and was known, and all endorsements since have been going to Allen.


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