Woman Reported Following Family on Main Street

Here are five odd, interesting or important crime calls listed by the Seal Beach Police Department recently.


  • 11/18/2012 —3:05 P.M. — 1st Street and Marina Way — Someone was seen hopping a nearby fence to get to his vehicle. He reportedly got into a black or dark gray Toyota 4Runner.


  • 11/18/2012 — 3:28 p.m. — Main Street and Electric —  A black Toyota Camry was driving very fast from one parking lot to another. The occupants inside looked like they were having an argument. The drive and passenger switched seats and then took off. The vehicle almost hit a pedestrian while exiting the second parking lot.


  • 11/18/2012 — 5:20 p.m. — Main Street and Pacific Coast Highway — A caller walking northbound on Main Street said someone was following the caller and her family. The woman offered to take the caller’s picture on the pier. The woman was described as blonde, in her 50s and allegedly wearing a paisley dress. The caller lost her at the Bay Theater.


  • 11/18/2012 — 7 p.m. — Coastline Drive — A woman tried to open the caller’s front door. The woman appeared drunk and lost and said she thought the location was a church. The woman was described as a 40-year-old woman in a black jacket and carrying a duffle bag. The caller said the woman was last seen allegedly loitering on Bolsa, and the caller does not think the woman was looking for a church.


  • 11/18/2012 — 10:55 p.m. — Marina Drive — A woman had allegedly been living out of a blue older van at the location for the past several nights. The caller heard the woman talking “loudly on the phone” about not being guilty of the things she is being accused of and telling the person on the other end of the phone that if they come to Seal Beach “they will be caught.

Information courtesy the Seal Beach Police Department.


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