Warm Weather and Pounding Waves Keep Lifeguards Busy

This week, Seal Beach Lifeguards were kept busy keeping winter crowds safe, including injuries caused by the large shore break.

The Marine Safety report is provided by the Seal Beach Lifeguards Department.

This week has provided Seal Beach surfers with the first taste of good, winter surf. The surf began to arrive Thursday, peaking Friday with waves consistently 6-8 feet with sets as large as 13 feet. Because of the surf as well as the warm weather, there were very large crowds in the water with lifeguards showing a presence on the beach educating and warning people as they arrived.

Friday morning’s high tide of 5.8 feet with the surf predicted to be 8-10 caused some concern for the residents of Seal Way, but ultimately the berm served its function and held back the rising tide before it could cause any damage or inconvenience.

As a result of the high surf, there were two major medical aids where lifeguards responded, treated the victims and called for paramedics. One was a severe laceration to the head, and the other was a pelvic injury caused by the large shore break.

The projected forecast has called for larger than normal surf in the coming weeks, so increased beach attendance is expected to continue.



Medical aids


Major medical aid


Stingray injuries


Boat rescues



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