Dekraai Reportedly Bragged About Salon Killings in Secret Recordings

Authorities secretly recorded alleged Salon Meritage killer Scott Dekraai in his jail cell, according to a report by the Orange County Register.

Scott Dekraai, the man charged with killing eight people in a Seal Beach salon, allegedly bragged about the deed in a series of secret jail cell recordings by investigators.

As first reported by the Orange County Register, authorities obtained more than 100 hours of recordings from Dekraai’s jail cell, and now a judge must decide if the tapes can be used in the death penalty trial for the alleged mass murderer.

Click here for the full Orange County Register story.

Dekraai is accused of walking into the Salon Meritage on Oct 12, 2011 and shooting and killing his 48-year-old ex-wife Michelle Fournier before opening fire on others inside the business. Killed in the shooting were the salon's owner, Randy Lee Fannin, 62; Victoria Ann Buzzo, 54; Lucia Bernice Kondas, 65; Laura Lee Elody, 46; Christy Lynn Wilson, 47; Michele Daschbach Fast, 47, and David Caouette, 64. Hattie Stretz, 73, was also shot, but survived. Dekraai remains jailed without bail.

Lil Marty January 16, 2013 at 04:18 PM
I think the judge should do a raffle. $100 buys you 5 minutes in the cell with this jackass. You can't bring any weapons, just your bare hands. I would be the first guy in line, you would get to watch a man standing 4'2" rip this guy limb from limb. Lil Marty Leisure World


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