Halloween Prank or Sleeping Homeless Person? You Decide

Here are five odd, interesting or important crime calls listed by the Seal Beach Police Department recently.


10/16/2012 — 3:31 a.m. — Landing Avenue and Seal Beach Boulevard — A Caller has heard someone throwing up for the past 30 minutes. Officers located the vomiting man who said he didn’t need medical attention.


10/16/2012 —11:55 a.m. — Westminster Avenue — A caller’s wife said there is a body lying in the ivy off Westminster. The caller said he didn’t know if it was a Halloween prank or a transient. The body was wearing a red plaid jacket and had blondish-reddish hair. The caller said he did not see the body move, and the body appeared to be face-down.  It turned out to be someone sleeping in the ivy.


10/16/2012 — 12:52 a.m. — Pacific Coast Highway — Someone stole a woman’s wallet from her shopping cart when she was not looking.


101/17/2012 — 7:41 a.m. — Pacific Coast Highway — A white Ford explorer and a black Jeep collided. The people involved did not want to file crime report.


10/17/2012 — 4:47 p.m. — Main Street —A man came into a business and asked for a $20 for his four $5’s. The caller gave the man the $20 but she said he then pulled out a $1 bill and said that the caller only gave him $1.  The attendant said she gave him another $20 and now she is $20 short.

Information courtesy the Seal Beach Police Department.


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