D.A. to Issue Report on Dorner Case

The Irvine slayings are still under investigation, so details will be released later, officials say. Meanwhile, Dorner's hostages in Big Bear describe their ordeal. Reward decision pending.

Irvine police and the Orange County district attorney's office plan to issue a report on Christopher Dorner after wrapping up their investigation of the case, which began with Feb. 3's double homicide in Irvine, officials said Thursday.

Since the slayings, Irvine police and D.A. investigators have conducted "multiple search warrants related to ... the defendant’s social networking pages, residences and cell phones," according to a press release.

"A report regarding the facts and circumstances of the case" will be released after the investigation ends, although no date has been set, officials said.

The district attorney's office also said it was ready to file murder charges against Dorner on Feb. 8 for the killings of Monica Quan and her fiance, Keith Lawrence, but decided to hold off "in the interest of public safety, and for tactical and investigative purposes ... until he was arrested and taken into custody."

In related news:

  • The couple who stumbled across Dorner in their cabin before this week's Big Bear shootout described their ordeal to reporters. Dorner was calm and reassured the pair he didn't want to harm them, but "I really thought it could be the end," the wife said. Click here to read the story.
  • L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and LAPD Chief Charlie Beck said officials are considering whether anyone will be eligible to collect the $1-million reward offered for Dorner's conviction: "More than 20 jurisdictions and entities are involved in this reward, so all of them will be coming together. ... Our personal hope is that the reward will be distributed, but we must follow the rules and respect for the procedures of each entity."
  • Dorner's mother issued a statement saying her family didn't endorse her son's actions and expressing sympathy for his alleged victims. Click here for the story.
JustUs February 14, 2013 at 07:04 PM
Is the DA going to issue a report on what lit Dorner's fuse? Remember, he had a stellar military career as a naval officer. Held a Top Secret Security Clearance, had NO criminal history, passed all the LAPD tests, to include aptitude, backgrounds, polygraph and psych evals, and was a LAPD cop for 4 full years. So what set this man with such a stellar background off on a murderous rampage? Hmmm? Does that sound like ABERRANT behavior to you? It sure does to me. Was is because he snitched off a dirty cop, a cardinal sin in the law enforcement business? And for that he was stripped of his job, his security clearance and eventually his military career? Hmmm?? Is anyone in power going to do a report on that OR NOT???? I suspect: OR NOT! And that will only substantiate how dirty the system really is.
V. Duvall February 14, 2013 at 11:45 PM
Seems to me that the couple should get half and the man with the dog should get the other half. I'm sure the department will try to not pay. They will use the wording "capture", etc. They would be foolish to do that because if the people try to sue them all of the mishandling of the search will come out. With the fugitive so close it will be hard to explain how they didn't go into every house and search. One resident says they didn't even knock on his door and he was staying on the same property. I say PAY UP unless they want another cluster to come out of it. The LAPD has been smart not announcing any details at their press conferences, that way they can lay all of the blame and mishandling on the San Bernardino Sheriff's department. boy, this is going to be a mess for a long time. I feel so, so sorry for the lawmen that lost their lives hunting for this SOB
JustUs February 15, 2013 at 12:02 AM
"I'm sure the department will try to not pay." V. Duvall, I agree. The CIty will try to renege on the $1M reward deal. They will dig up some clause that denies it. But, of course, that was the plan when it was offered. They never intended to honor it from the start. It was a come-on. That's what I think. And I think it will play out that way. Otherwise the City would have already announced who the reward would go to. "They would be foolish to do that because if the people try to sue them all of the mishandling of the search will come out." Yes, but stupid is as stupid does, V. Duvall. And what do they care if they get sued? It's only more taxpayer money. Nobody on the force loses a plug nickle. So they don't care. You must know this. "With the fugitive so close it will be hard to explain how they didn't go into every house and search." Did you know that the home that Dorner occupied was only about 100 yards away from the operation's command post? hah. More keystone cop comedy stuff. Pretty hilarious if you ask me. They didn't even search the homes next to their command post. hah. Comical. Like a Laurel and Hardy flick. "I feel so, so sorry for the lawmen that lost their lives hunting for this SOB" Yes, I think most of us do. Sane people want no one to be murdered. But don't forget, LAPD lit the fuse from the start by taking away everything Dorner had in his life based on a alleged "false report". And chances are Dorner was telling the truth.
Joseph Caputo February 15, 2013 at 01:07 AM
Tactical Operation Leadership appears to be very lacking. So many incidents exhibiting lack of training by Pollice Officers especially in how they handled a barricaded suspect.
JustUs February 15, 2013 at 02:05 AM
Oh no, Joseph. Cops have more than enough training. It's not a lack of training at all. It's just that they believe that they are bigger than life and break all the rules (laws) and get away with it. And most of the time they do get away with it because we live in a quasi-police state, really not much better than Azerbaijan or Nicaragua. It would seem that our cops would be more civilized and lawful, but they really aren't. And they lie for one another constantly. It's really gross in a system that is supposed to be based on the fundamental principle of "equality under the law" which is just a farce in itself. And anyone who knows anything about it and is honest would agree with me.


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