Acid Bombs Found at a Rossmoor Park and Home

The area around Rush Park was cordoned off Sunday morning as the Sheriff's Department disabled devices placed at Rush Park and a nearby home.

A Rossmoor family awoke early Sunday morning to the sound of an explosion in its front yard.

Someone had placed four acid bombs in the yard on the 3000 block of Mainway Drive, and one more had been placed in a tree at nearby Rush Park. No one was injured in the incident, which is being investigated by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

“Sheriff's deputies were dispatched to the address on Mainway Drive when the residents found four 16-ounce water bottles containing a suspicious blue fluid in their driveway. While on the phone with our dispatchers, one of the bottles exploded,” Orange County Sheriff’s Department Capt. Steve Doan wrote in a letter to the Rossmoor Predator Management Team. “Patrol deputies arrived and found the three unexploded bottles still in the driveway. After cordoning off the local area, deputies looked around and found one additional bottle in a tree, in the park, across the street.  We notified our Hazardous Device Squad and they responded and rendered all of the remaining bottles safe. The unexploded bottles were taken and will be processed for any forensic evidence that may lead us to the people who created these explosive devices.”

The incident was reported at 7:26 a.m. Sunday morning.

“The acid bombs are not an unusual type or bomb we see,” said Sheriff’s Lt. Steve Gil. “The word 'bomb' is menacing, but these are easily made in 2-liter soda bottles.”

However, the bombs can be dangerous, warned Gil.

“They have the power of a firecracker or a small explosive,” he said.

Anyone with information was asked to call 855-TIP-OCCS, the Orange County Crime Stoppers organization.

Kathleen December 04, 2012 at 06:32 AM
This is extremely disturbing news. I just found out this is not the first and only time this has happened. It also happened to a neighbor in Los Alamitos. I have spread the word around our neighborhood and hope that knowledge is power and we'll catch the fools who did this.


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