They Put the Con In Congress

According to our political leaders this is a dangerous world, but they have plans to save us.

On February 4, 2013, there was a sense of relief throughout the country, when the Congress went on vacation. Congress scares us with stories of things we should fear, and of reasons to expand the government to protect us from these fearful risks. Then it hit me, what if they are right and we are in danger? Maybe these really bright men and women of Congress are our only hope for survival.  Putting pen to paper, I decided to note those things that may end it all.

A meteorite hit Russia, an asteroid just missed the earth, and we are told there are uncountable asteroids, many of which will hit the planet. Space junk is to be feared.

The government has given out millions of dollars in grants to fight global warming. Actually, if you listen to Prince Charles and Al Gore, we are living on borrowed time. Global warming is to be feared ... along with Al Gore and Prince Charles.

In the journal Nature, Chelsea Rochman and Mark Browne want plastics labeled as hazardous to our health and to that of wildlife. Some cities are moving to ban plastic bags from the grocery store. Plastic is to be feared.

The London Zoological Society is warning against logging, pollution, mining, agriculture and major public works.  It further reports 19% of the reptiles in the world are in danger. Furniture, heat, food and infrastructure are to be feared ... along with some really angry snakes.

The website PopulationAlert.org is warning we are losing acres of forest daily, losing the use of land through soil erosion, desert land is being formed due to land mismanagement, and human biological waste is polluting the oceans, all of this due to overpopulation. Poopy populations are to be feared.

Professional football is too dangerous. Players, not understanding the risk, are ruining their lives by playing football. Professional football is to be feared ... along with Oakland Raiders fans.

ScienceRay.com says acid rain, caused by invisible gases from automobiles or coal burning power plants, is falling on our people. A hole in the ozone layer is exposing us to ultraviolet rays. Chemical pollutants can affect our immune response. Rainfall is becoming heavier everywhere in the world. And vapor trails from aircraft diminish incoming solar radiation over most populated areas. Everyday life is to be feared.

EzineArticles.biz featured an article on gardening. Thank goodness, something we can do in safety. Safe that is, except for snakes, deer, raccoons, rabbits, groundhogs, skunks and opossums which could involve everything from attacks to disease.  Does Congress know this? Gardening is to be feared ... as is the accompanying animal uprising.

My goodness, President Obama and the Democrats are right, this is a dangerous world and we can/are going to die. We will die and it could involve anything from getting out of bed to walking in the garden. We do need politicians to protect us, from ourselves and our environment. We do need to live in fear.

It felt so good to realize, with the help of politicians, we can be safe. Then I read an article in brightubeducation.com talking about the danger of technology.  They are reporting we should fear the government abuse of technology, and using it to control people. They talk about the danger of big government attempting to control all aspects of our lives. Wow, it is bad news that our only chance of being safe is the government and the government plans to control us. Government and super computers are to be feared.

We have no chance. If we live long enough, something is going to kill us. No matter who we turn our lives over to, there is a bad outcome. If we are going to die anyway, maybe we should tell the government to protect our borders, enforce our Constitution and just mind its own business. If we are going to die anyway, why not enjoy ourselves and stop working 50% of our time to pay for a government—a government that will not protect us from dying, unless it is allowed to control us.

Since there is such a relief to have our Congressional leaders on vacation, maybe we should pay them to stay on vacation. Imagine if we had a break where we were allowed to face the world, without somebody warning us of all the dangers.  It would be less expensive and a lot more fun. So much fun, it would probably kill us.

Fun is to be feared.

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JustUs February 26, 2013 at 08:58 PM
And don't forget, Obama was for sequestration before he was against it. More lies. That would be included in my dissertation showing what a dishonest and dishonorable man Barry actually is if I were to write one.
JustUs February 26, 2013 at 09:07 PM
Remember way back when Obama told us that we'd have to 'eat our peas'??? HAH! I do. I have the memory of an elephant. Most people forget those lies. I don't. He said that at the time they raised the debt ceiling by $2T and created the Stupid...er....I mean Super Committee that failed. Obama was the one who promised sequestration if the Stupid....er....I mean Super Committee failed. Remember? I do. Now he's fighting it tooth and nail. Liar.
JustUs February 26, 2013 at 11:31 PM
Oh, Obama told us that we would get the same health care plan as Congress has too! Remember??? I do!!! :^)
Silence Dogood February 27, 2013 at 06:05 AM
@JustUs, Memory of an elephant? Don't sell yourself short. Based on the size (and quality) of your droppings here on the Patch I'd say you're probably 100% pachyderm. Peanut anyone?
JustUs February 27, 2013 at 06:32 AM
Silence, your another one of those clowns who is capable only of cheap shots when I speak the truth with facts. You can't attack my claim about Obama because it is factual so you resort to attacking me. And that tells us everything we need to know about you. heh. :^)


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