New Rite-Aid Groundwork Underway in Seal Beach

City staff expect the business to submit construction plans for approval at the beginning of March and to open its doors at the Shops at Rossmoor in six to seven months.

Rite-Aid  has a prescription for Seal Beach — a new drive-thru pharmacy at the north end of town.

Construction crews have already begun placing water and sewage pipeline at 12541 Seal Beach Boulevard, the future site of a planned 17,400 square foot 24-Hour Rite-Aid. The company laying the groundwork, Moorefield Construction, has also started leveling the ground, a process called rough grading. 

City staff expect the Rite-Aid corporation to submit construction drawings for the site at the beginning of March, and, if the city approves the designs, the business will open its doors sometime in the next six to seven months, according to Jim Basham, Seal Beach community development director.

The city’s Planning Commission gave the business a permit to allow a alcohol sales and a drive-thru at the location at the Shops at Rossmoor April 2011, but it wasn’t until recently that Rite-Aid officials agreed on a lease with the owner of property.

According to Basham, the company had wanted to put a store in sooner, but the spate of severe storms, like Hurricane Sandy, on the east coast — where Rite-Aid is headquartered — delayed the deal.

“I think it had a lot to do with the weather and the flooding that they had back there," Basham said. "(At the time) they weren't ready to make future commitments."

Some residents have expressed concerns about traffic on St. Cloud and Seal Beach Boulevard, especially because that intersection is one of the most often-used entrances for Rossmoor. Basham said the city and the Shops at Rossmoor owners are analyzing the traffic concerns.

The new Rite-Aid would be located across the street from a CVS Pharmacy. The closest Rite-aid is 11172 Los Alamitos Boulevard about 1.4 miles north.

According to its website, Rite-Aid has at least 4,700 stores across America and employs at least 91,000 people. 

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enea ostrich February 22, 2013 at 04:46 PM
Good and I have to laugh at residents who tnink there is more traffic with a Rite bAid there then a CHEVRON that used to be there for years??? Omg, I can't believe that baloney. This business was in that center before and never caused traffic before....why would it now? The only difference now is the location...its a much bigger area for a larger store. Amen because I was getting sick and tired of going to the temporary store they have in place until this one is done.
CDC February 22, 2013 at 04:53 PM
"the city and the Shops at Rossmoor owners are analyzing the traffic concerns" Lets put the cart in front of the horse. They have NEVER addressed concerns! Rossmoor residents are still waiting for the blvd/shopping center traffic study that was promised them years ago by Seal Beach planning. I doubt that this will get any real study, just another city green light to shoehorn in another $tore. Who cares about Rossmoor traffic we live in Seal Beach, we(the city) want our money! Also, parking is quickly becoming an issue in the Shops at Rossmoor. If they park a Chick-fil-A down by Russ Conkle's, the parking for Cal Pizza, the bank, cleaners, and the other northern section shops will be tight or null. Any person looking at the parking lot knows that the employees for the northern shops park in front of the bank and cleaners. All that parking will be gone if a huge Chick-fil-A with drive thru is placed there. It will be as bad as the Fish Company's parking on a Friday night!
S.A.P. February 22, 2013 at 05:02 PM
Thank goodness there will finally be a Rite Aid in the area! People can't be expected to go ALL the WAY to the two on 2nd st, one on Los Al Blvd, two on Valley View, or the one on Warner in HB!! Not to mention the Walgreens & CVS on every corner. No block should be without one of these types of stores. In fact, there should be one at every single intersection of every town. A person shouldn't have to drive more that 15 feet to get their candy, prescription or soda..
CDC February 22, 2013 at 05:25 PM
Really, I did not know you could shop at a Chevron. Last I heard you have to park your car and actually go inside a Rite-Aid. Parking spaces take up room and create poor traffic flow. Just look across the street at the CSV entrance. That is the worst designed entrance to a parking lot that I have ever seen! Lets count the design flaws - diagonal cross walk, on a hill, to narrow, drive thru built next to entrance, sharp blind turn in the back;etc. Ask yourself how many deaths and accidents have been at this corner. Will only get worse at this intersection. It was designed poorly from the start and they are building on top of a bad design. We have voiced our concerns about this intersection repeatedly: http://losalamitos.patch.com/articles/meeting-tonight-to-address-expansion-of-the-shops-at-rossmoor http://losalamitos.patch.com/articles/man-hit-by-car-on-seal-beach-boulevard-near-rossmoor http://losalamitos.patch.com/blog_posts/like-a-good-neighbor-seal-beach-is-there http://losalamitos.patch.com/articles/seal-beach-gets-major-retailers-rossmoor-gets-frustrated
enea ostrich February 22, 2013 at 06:06 PM
I go to the Rite Aid in Los Al currently and I see that the ISSUE of traffic is not bad at all. The tiny parking lot there services more than just Rite Aid and I don't see it. Parking wars??? Baloney!!!
enea ostrich February 22, 2013 at 06:08 PM
I agree, wholeheartedly. THERE ARE TOO MANY CVS. so those that are complainers about traffic across the street...go to CVS and be happy, ha!!!!!!!
enea ostrich February 22, 2013 at 06:12 PM
You want to complain? Get a grip--your points are mute and not because you aren't heard. This isn't about city or incorporated wars and you should stop hiding behind your initials there and reveal for who you are--someone that loves to complain and doesn't show face because you want everyone in the world to know you live in Rossmoor. BIG DEAL!
S.A.P. February 22, 2013 at 06:16 PM
If there is already a Rite Aid down the street, why is another one necessary?
enea ostrich February 22, 2013 at 10:05 PM
The one on Los Al Blvd is temporary place. They are moving back to this Seal Beach location finally. The Los al Blvd location was way too small but they went there when Rossmoor Center was torn down.
enea ostrich February 22, 2013 at 10:09 PM
The reason I liked Rite Aid was because everyone who worked there has worked there for years and I know them and they know me and my family too. A family oriented shop, the old fashioned way. Its something you only see at Walgreens, for example. Go to the Walgreens on Valley View and you get the best customerservice also.
CDC February 22, 2013 at 11:17 PM
Walgreens? Wrong answer. Just another generic cookie-cutter drugstore you see on every other block. Basically CVS, Rite-Aid, So-Low and all the others are interchangeable. If you remember correctly, the original Rossmoor Center drugstore in the 60s and 70s had great service. They had an ice cream counter, a jeweler that changed watch batteries/straps for free. And they also had a great film developing and camera/eye glass repair. All that service is gone now so I will not shop at any of them! The Rite Aid owner that now has a hard-on to build on that St Cloud corner is totally NUTS. We will have dueling drugstores. And the CVS will still get more business because it is easier to get to from the North. Corners are a bad place for businesses if the access is bad. And worse if your competitor is across the street. I still have a hard time getting into the In-N-Out on PCH and 2nd street corner because it is near impossible to enter. They are better off to put a flower shop on that corner. They would make more money with one. Like the Conroy's Flowers on 7th and Bellflower that has had bad street access but good exposure due to the high volume of traffic and slow signals. It has been there for decade$. And it looks very nice, since it is a used brick building with flowers in front.
CDC February 22, 2013 at 11:27 PM
Temporary. You are kidding right? They should have had first crack at any spot YEARS ago with that claim. The developer and Seal Beach must hate Rite-Aid. They are nuts to move now because people don't want a Rite Aid as the first thing they see entering Rossmoor. And I am betting they want a monster HUGE Rite-Aid sign screaming down south Seal Beach Blvd. Can't wait for that!
KC February 23, 2013 at 12:05 AM
Wish it had been a Trader Joes....
enea ostrich February 23, 2013 at 01:37 AM
Some like it hot, some like it cold...its a matter of preference CDC. I do not agree because there is no way you can tell me Walgreens is cook.e cutter. I have friends who have tried all and the assumption its all interchageable is wrong. Watch repair belong to nthe jeweler, sorry. Never would replace a battery at a store like that unless its a Timex then I replaced it by myself. To boot, the watches I have are manufactured by Jason himself so I get free battery replacements for life and I didn't pay an arm and a leg for the watch!
enea ostrich February 23, 2013 at 01:53 AM
My goodness, you CDC are one angry hateful person. Btw, Rite Aid does sell flowers...I have seen that in the past when the old shop was there. They also have ice cream counter that will be coming BACK. So, for good olm fashioned service, we who love Rite Aid got it. As for Conroy's, you are probably the guy who most likely purchases flowers spur of the moment and don't have a clue where to go that really makes an impact on the recipient. Conroy's is fine, but not as creative. That in a sense is what you want, right? A creative mom and pops place that makes you feel at home? As for the location of Rite Aid, its the same. Turn right or left, to me its all the same. They are directly across one day and that is a shame, true. I wish %ite Aid could have gotten a better spot, but apparently they were having bigger problems with surviving their East Coast heasquarters. You who obviously don't care about devastation like Hurricane Sandy and the repercussions on families and businesses there can only choose to gripe about yiur back yard. Goodness, have some compassion, will ya?
CDC February 23, 2013 at 06:34 PM
Trader Joe's is ok but a Mothers Market or Gelson's is badly needed in the North Orange County and Gateway Cities areas. That corner space is to small for a market. They should have put one where the Toys R Us is. Would have lifted that end of the shopping center and brought in people with money. Mother's and Gelson's are both classy high-end markets. Traders, Sprouts, and Whole Foods are all over the place now. And Toys R Us is not doing well. The parking lot has been almost empty in front of it. Poor spot for a Toys R Us, since everyone around here is retired with NO kids. They now have to import the kids into the Rossmoor schools. I wonder WHO is doing the Shops at Rossmoor demographic and GIS marketing placement studies? They did a poor job with the Marshalls, Kohls, Toys R Us, and Rite Aid placement.
CDC February 23, 2013 at 06:46 PM
Do you even live here???? That Rite Aid is just moving four blocks from their current location across from the Arco Station by Flame Broiler. They want more traffic, but the location they are moving to is across the street from the established CVS drugstore. Why do we need TWO ugly chain drugstores 100 feet from each other at the entrance to Rossmoor????????
enea ostrich February 23, 2013 at 07:18 PM
CDC, I agree with the market analysis as far as demographics. I do believe it was the corporate that owns the center now that would have done those type of studies and its sad because they do not care what they put in as long as it works for the majority they think will stop off the freeway. They did not benefit residents and that's a grave mistake. My prediction is that the Toys R Us will close down just like it did on Cherry in Long Beach. That one too is not far from freeway and was just not profitable at al. As for Sprouts, its a good store but the reason I believe Trader Joes didn't come as well is because the corporates didn't have it in their master plan. My understanding when I inquired on this quite a long time ago when I found out the corporates owned the center, not the two men who used to long ago. Anyhow, I am never happy when things get plugged in without feedback from the very people who will be frequenting the place.
enea ostrich February 23, 2013 at 07:24 PM
CDC, I have lived here since 1988 so I saw all the changes that happened to both centers. CVS came in, true, but Rite Aid was always part of the Rossmoor Center and since they were forced out during construction they had a helluva time trying to figure out how to get back. I don't think Rite Aid is ignoring the fact they are directly across the street, but then qgain in other cities I see CVS is sometimes on the same block as another CVS. That company is sickeningly trying to take over every spot they can. It remains to be seen if all the stores survive.


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