Local Ghosts Get a Haunting from Paranormal Experts

Researchers in the paranormal came out to Los Alamitos Museum to discuss the ghosts at the Liberty Theater.

Year in and year out, there are two regulars who never miss a show at the Liberty Theater in Los Alamitos. She’s a nurse and he’s a sailor, and the pair has been known to haunt the theater.


On Sunday, believers and skeptics alike gathered to discuss the ghosts of the Liberty Theater.

Researchers in the field of paranormal investigation, William Jimenez and Peaches Veatch, came out to Los Alamitos Museum Sunday to discuss the paranormal activity at the storied theater. The Liberty Theater, at the Joint Forces Training Base, holds at least five musical productions a year and houses at least two permanent ghosts, according to Jimenez and Veatch as well as actors in local plays. Some locals attended Sunday’s lecture for a better understanding of the theater’s resident ghosts.

“Several ghosts need help and are there for a reason. Some of them are just not ready to leave,” said Jimenez.

Liberty Theater is a theater rich with World War II history, and much of the ghost lore associated with the theater has to do with people involved someway in the war.

Jimenez and Veatch discussed the special case of Edna Alcorn, a woman who has been haunting the theater for decades, they believe. Edna was a head nurse from 1943-1948 at the former military hospital adjacent to Liberty Theater. She has allegedly shut lights on and off and closed and locked doors. Veatch even admitted that, in order for her to get on Edna’s good side, she had to play 40s era music.

Edna, explained Veatch, was left by her lover for a woman with red hair. Since Veatch’s hair was red as well, Edna associated Veatch with the woman who stole her love, said Veatch.

“These entities have feelings. When they die and haven’t yet crossed over, their personalities are still the same,” said Jimenez. Edna’s ghost needed to be placated before accepting Veatch, he explained.

When paranormal entities cross over, according to Jimenez, they have made peace with the world they once lived in and are ready to move on. Some reasons for entities to stick around are attachments to a place or person, deaths that came too soon, or occurrences in life that the apparitions could not accept.

In 1942, the Joint Forces Training Base was a naval air station housing American forces waiting to go overseas. The theater was a source of entertainment for these men. Another supposed entity that visits Liberty Theater is a sailor who is always seen in the same seat among the audience in his sailor attire from the 1940’s.

“Every time I walk the 130 feet from the entrance of the theater to where the light switch is, I feel someone walking with me. I feel palpitations,” said Jeff Hathcock, the president of the Theatre Guild, who has also seen the sailor apparition.

The experts and local attendees of the paranormal discussion said they understand that many people are skeptical of ghosts and spirits. One such Los Alamitos resident, Sandi Romero, said:

“I have never even seen anything paranormal,” said Los Alamitos resident, Sandi Romero. “But I accept that different things are possible. That’s what makes believers different from skeptics. Some have seen it and believe it. Some just accept it.”

And some do not accept the paranormal at all.

What do you think? Are there really ghosts in Los Alamitos? Are they haunting the Liberty Theater? Tell us in the comments.

enea ostrich January 23, 2012 at 05:23 PM
I wouldnt be scared if i saw an apparition. The dead, its true, act just as they did in life. Rather than get freaked we should embrace the thought of apparitions. The only time u should be cautious is when there is a really negative one. Thats when u may need assistance by professional to find the root of the problem. I have had people who have died that are close to me visit in my dreams and i embrace it because i know they are jus t trying to relay they r ok and make sure i am. If they cant communicate what they need i do belive they would forever try to get their message to someone. Its up to us on earth to listen...
Paul January 23, 2012 at 10:21 PM
I was raised in a large plantation style house in Georgia that was built originally in the middle 500 acres of land. The house was built before the Civil War and was taken over as a temporary medical facility during Sherman's march through Georgia during that war. As old as the house was our family was just the third family to move in. The past two family's were deceased and many of them had died in the home. I heard footsteps and noises quite often in the middle of the night but learned to live with hearing them. After my brother moved out in the late 6o's I was the only one with a bedroom upstairs and still remember to this day one night while laying in bed I saw a woman in a long white gown "float" up the stairs, go down the hallway and moments later swiftly float back down the stairs. I just lay there in bed not moving in complete silence. After talking with my mother and sister the next morning they informed me they had not come upstairs the night before. I knew in my mind that it was a ghostly spirit and felt so moved by it that I painted a painting of it while it was still fresh in my memory.
Paige Austin January 23, 2012 at 11:10 PM
Paul, It sounds like you grew up in a beautiful home. Now I am dying to see the painting. If you want to, you can upload a picture of it to this article or email a photo to me at paige.austin@patch.com, and I can upload it for you. Either way, thanks for sharing your story.
Sophia Conwell February 20, 2012 at 11:29 PM
I just visited the theater myself today with my friends Jessica, Michelle, Linda and my mom and we not only felt a definite presence where ever we went inside but we also captured an apparition of what believe to be as Edna on camera, several orbs of spiritual energy and what we thought to be 40's era music playing. Plus sensation of being touched; there is no doubt the place and the entire location to be most likely haunted. Spirits do exist and they weren't shy about it either. I definitely wan't to go back to see more!!!
Paige Austin February 20, 2012 at 11:32 PM
Well, now you have got me curious. I would love to see your photo. Would you mind uploading it to this article for everyone to see? Or you can email it to me at paige.austin@patch.com, and I can post it to the story. Thanks for sharing.


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