At 60, Cathy Rigby Reprises Role as Peter Pan

She just couldn't outgrow the boy who would never grow up.

When it comes to Never Never Land, never say 'never.'

One of Los Alamitos’ most famous natives, Cathy Rigby, will once again star in the title role as “Peter Pan” at the Pantages Theatre this month nearly four decades after she first donned the green tights.

The gold medal Olympian (and Griffins Class if 71 alumnus) talked to Patch blogger Becky Samford about the reprisal of her famous role.

Why play the boy from Never Never Land at 60?

She missed it.

Rigby said she draws heavily from her 8-year-old grandson, who just naturally personifies Peter Pan. She also watches and listens to children as they are discussing the show while leaving the theater.

"Children are so spontaneous and curious and live in the moment ... I just try to wipe my memory chip clean of any preconceived notions and find something new each time. There are so many ways to get to the same place by using different tactics."

She also talked about playing a boy.

"Boys are more economical in movement and they usually don't look directly at you. They pretend to be doing something else while they are actually listening to you, then in a flash, they are in your face! Boys are very unpredictable," Rigby said. "I've always been a tomboy and very adventurous and mischievous like Peter. He also had no one to rely on but himself and gymnastics taught me to be self reliant and to work alone. Although my mother was confined in a wheelchair with polio, she raised five children who never sensed that she was handicapped. She was my role model and taught me that determination and hard work can overcome limitations."


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