Thousands Swoop in for Wings, Wheels and Rotors

They came for the planes, cars and choppers at the city's largest event, the 11th Annual Wings, Wheels and Rotors Expo.

Thousands flocked to the Joint Forces Training Base in Los Alamitos for the 11th Annual Wings, Wheels and Rotors Expo Sunday.

More than two dozen food vendors, 500 cars, two dozen planes and two dozen helicopters were on display along with a number of bands will play including the Los Alamitos High School marching band, the 40th Infantry Division Band and the Los Angeles Police Emerald Pipes and Drums.

met00 October 29, 2012 at 06:36 PM
I do have a question. How many of those "thousands" actually stayed in Los Alamitos and spent money in our city? How many stopped in and had a meal here (after eating at the vendors on the base)? How many businesses on Katella LOST money due to traffic? Why does the City of Los Alamitos give the Chamber of Commerce money for this event? Where is the City of Los Alamitos' return on investment? Why did Troy Edgar give this gift of public funds to the Chamber of Commerce of which he is a member (Global Conductor is a listed member)?
Dan Sebby October 29, 2012 at 09:29 PM
I flew in from Sacramento for this event. Stayed in a local hotel and ate at the Katella Deli and will do the same next year
met00 October 29, 2012 at 10:14 PM
Sandy, great to hear that you ate at one of our local restaurants. I notice you didn't mention the hotel, my guess is that the room tax went to Cypress... Now I want you to take that check you have from Katella Deli and multiply the pre-tax number by 0.01. That is the amount of money that went to the City of Los Alamitos. Should take a while to get to $6K. So, Person A spent $30.00 on a meal, that would be $0.30 to the city (to get a return on the investment Katella Deli would have to serve 20,000 meals on Sunday). KD has a capacity of 350 or so, so let's say that they were running at 100% capacity from 7AM to 10PM and covers turn every 2 hours (that's average for a sit down dinner). 15 hours/2 = 7.5 hours * 350 = 2625 meals. I doubt that Katella Deli has ever served that many meals in a single day, but lets say that they did on this Magic Sunday. That is a whopping $787.50 in sales tax. Only $5,212.50 to go before we get a ROI of one thin penny. In fact, let's be real gracious here and say that on that Magical Sunday every sit down eatery with over 15 tables did the exact same thing as Katella Deli did above (an absolute impossibility, most don't have the capacity, I mean Shenandoah I think has a third of the capacity, but let's just play along with this for a moment) That is five eateries doing a magical amount of business on this magical Sunday and we end up still being $2062.50 SHORT of a return on investment. It's a gift of public funds.
Elizabeth Kane October 30, 2012 at 12:53 AM
wow - which side of the grumpy bed did you get up on today? The event is a fabulous representation of this base and the community. You should be proud. Boo-hoo you were slightly inconvenienced for a day. Get a life, really!
met00 October 30, 2012 at 03:38 AM
"wow - which side of the grumpy bed did you get up on today?" The side that says that voting to GIVE AWAY TAX DOLLARS TO A NON-PROFIT YOU ARE A MEMBER OF is a bad thing. What part of the math did you not understand? If the City of Los Alamitos is going to put your tax dollars somewhere, then put it into something where there is a return on the investment. There is no return on the investment here. The Chamber of Commerce claims that they make money on the event. They then donate that profit to another non-profit. Since they make money on the event, they should pay all the bills and then donate the money that remains to the non-profit. That includes paying for the $6K in city services. Otherwise it's no different than the City deciding to donate $6K to the non-profit and allowing the Chamber to declare that it was their money. Did anyone say "Yes, please give my tax dollars to this non-profit and let the Chamber of Commerce take credit for it?" I didn't think so. "The event is a fabulous representation of this base and the community. You should be proud." The even is a Chamber of Commerce profit centre and it allows them to donate $6K of our tax dollars to the base non-profit and declare that it was theirs. "Boo-hoo you were slightly inconvenienced for a day." Not at all. "Get a life, really!" I have one. I also look out for OUR tax dollars and try to make sure that they aren't wasted. That they aren't gifts of public funds.


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