The Human Seal

Bob Harris will clean your boat from in the water or on dry land.

We all work ... at least we try to.  We get hired in different ways: an economic upturn, marrying the boss' daughter or through sheer determination. We work at jobs we want and many times, ones we don’t. There are also specialty jobs. Work that only a select few can do or are willing to do, such as a welder, stand-up comic or cat food taster. Hey, maybe they lost their sense of smell or taste, who knows?  The point is, there are many more jobs besides the normal ones such as a server at a restaurant, schoolteacher, salesman or retail clerk. 

We are going to spotlight the unusual, the part-time and the mundane careers of people. We'll start out with the unsung hero of the marina—the boat cleaners. They wash the hull of the ship, the parts you don’t see. They scrape off barnacles underwater. Their clothes are a swimsuit, shorts, jeans or a wet suit. How do these people get started ? Is there a school that trains them or classes they attend ? Or do they just learn on the job? 

Meet Bob Harris of Pro Tech. He has been working at this for 32 years. He supervises the divers who clean the boats you see in the harbor or out to sea.

The expense varies depending on the size of the boat and whether it's cleaned in the water versus having it pulled out and cleaned on dry land.

The method of waste disposal also determines the cost. When the boat is in the water, you can let it settle to the bottom, where it becomes part of nature. On dry land, it'll cost you for the disposal.  You might think leaving the boat in the water is the cheaper way to clean it but on dry land, you will get a more complete cleaning. Plus, there may be other needs to be attended to that can't be done in the water, such as painting. 

You can reach Pro Tech at 310-823-6261.

If you know of someone with an interesting job, let me know at: Ace@Patch.com

Peter March 25, 2011 at 10:27 PM
So all the debris goes into the water and basically pollutes the harbor? Please explain.
Michael "ACE" Blackburn March 26, 2011 at 02:10 AM
Thank you for your comment Peter. Did you see the story I wrote with it ? This is from the text story, that goes with the video. "The method of waste disposal also determines the cost. When the boat is in the water, you can let it settle to the bottom, where it becomes part of nature. " Again thanks for your comment. I hope I answered your question. If not please specifiy what it is I missed. ACE


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