Komen OC Honors Volunteers

Among those those receiving awards from the Orange County affiliate are from Los Alamitos and Seal Beach. Some work behind the scenes, others have more public roles. But they were all feted for their work to battle breast cancer.

The Orange County affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure recently honored its star volunteers for their efforts in the fight against breast cancer.

Volunteers and their families gathered at Komen OC partner Costa Mesa-based Experian on Nov. 13 to recognize the 37,130 hours of support the affiliate received over the last year. Volunteers help during the Race for the Cure; serve on the annual Pink Tie Ball committees; provide administrative, office support and research advocacy; and are part of the speakers bureau.

Among the awards and their recipients:

  • Promise of One: Nina Rattner, Los Alamitos; Patsy Bates, Seal
    BeachRattner carries the distinction of being one of only a few
    individuals who have volunteered continuously for the affiliate since its
    inception more than 20 years ago. Today, she is a member of the affiliate’s
    speakers bureau and has helped to chair the Survivor Tribute Ceremony at each Race for the Cure since 2004. Bates, a cancer survivor and member of the speaker’s bureau, has been instrumental in the affiliate’s initiatives to reach African Americans in Orange County.
  • Outstanding New Volunteers: Doug McKay, Fullerton; Judie Vivian, Seal Beach – Wearing his now-famous pink cape at the Race for the Cure, McKay anchored the Pink Cheer Zone at the finish line. He mobilized a team of student volunteers to help him cheer and congratulate finishers. Standup for the Cure, which stand-up paddler Vivian founded to help underinsured women receive a mammogram, launched this year, with more than 700 attendees and $60,000 raised.
  • Heavy Lifter: Bob Davis, Huntington Beach; Paul Watts, Corona; Tom Hoskins, Fullerton – Watts, Davis and Hoskins shared similar affiliate responsibilities in 2012, helping to get cargo and people from location to location. As Race for the Cure parking co-captains for the last five years, Watts and Davis work closely with the race production team to design the overall parking and shuttle route plan. Hoskins provided the affiliate in 2012 with its first ever official delivery service and trucking company – Norco Delivery Services.
  • Outstanding Volunteer of the Year: Chris Tannous, Fountain ValleyA two-time breast cancer survivor, Tannous has served as an affiliate board member in Orange County for six years and as
    board president. She has also worked at the state, national and
    international levels.
  • Komen Warrior Award: Joyce Kirchhofer, Fountain Valley –
    She was honored for 10-plus years of service to the affiliate. She has
    served multiple terms on the board of directors in numerous capacities and has held positions on various subcommittees.
  • Partner for the Cure: Dennis Kuhl and the Los Angeles Angels of
    Anaheim – With a five-year history of support for Komen Orange County, Angels Baseball is one of the affiliate’s staunchest advocates. Kuhl is on the board of directors.
  • Outstanding Volunteer Group: Unidos Contra el Cancer de Seno
    Coalition, Orange County – Unidos was assembled by Komen Orange County in 2009 to reach Latino women, educate them about breast health and direct them to screening services.
met00 November 24, 2012 at 02:57 AM
For those that forgot, Komen decided that it was politically a great move to cut funding for Breast Cancer Screenings for women without means through Planned Parenthood (the number one breast screener for women without means in the US). The following alternatives are available for those that don't want to hurt women without means and want to make a difference in the fight: Breast Cancer Action American Cancer Society (donations intended to be used for breast cancer research and screening can be earmarked "breast cancer,") National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program National Breast Cancer Coalition Breast Cancer Research Foundation Unite For Her According to Breast Cancer Action's Executive Director Karuna Jaggar, breast cancer isn't overfunded; its funding is poorly allocated, being spent on organizational bloat and Nancy Brinker's (Komen's) first class plane tickets instead of actual patient advocacy. So if you'd like to donate to a breast cancer charity without having your good intentions turned into pocket padding, consider giving to one of the charities listed above. Please take a moment to look at any of the above and help out. Every dollar spent on screening makes a difference. Although they weren't mentioned, you can give directly to Planned Parenthood's screening program. As with the AMC, just put a note on your donation that it's for breast cancer screening.


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